6 Ways To Improve Focus While Working From Home

ways to improve focus working from home wfh productivity

No long commutes, no one is looking over your shoulder, no drive-by meetings or dress code. Indeed, remote working can seem like a dream and an attractive option for both entrepreneurs and traditional employees. 

However, it usually comes with its own set of challenges. Household chores, family members, pets, the TV and even the couch that seems like a perfect spot to take an afternoon nap. Working from home is filled with various distractions that can start to take over your time, energy and productivity. So here are six ways to help you stay focused and do your best work outside of your typical office environment. 

Organise Your Working Area 

Whether you have a large home office or a nook in your kitchen, your environment matters. Try to make your working area as comfortable as possible, including paying attention to your ergonomics. Since any kind of pain, stiffness or other discomforts is a distraction from being able to perform your work, make sure to work from a desk or table with a proper chair that will hold your back properly. 

However, make sure to avoid working in bed. You should only associate your bedroom with intimacy and sleep; otherwise, you really run into the risk of sleep disturbance, which in turn will affect your alertness. 

You can also bring your designated workspace to life with your favourite photos, toys, artwork or organisational tools that will make you want to spend time here. 

Set And Prioritise Concrete Goals 

If you don't know what to focus on each day, how can you stay concentrated and productive? Therefore, consider hanging up a calendar in your home office or simply create a to-do list to see what tasks and goals you need to accomplish. 

Make sure to prioritise the work that needs to be done to meet deadlines on a daily basis, then write it down. You can use a planner, whiteboard or online calendar - the more organised your calendar is, the better. The goal here is to visualise what you need to focus on so that when your mind starts to wander, you see your list of priorities and get back to work. 

Use Self-Motivation Techniques 

When working from home without the people around you, it can be hard to feel motivated and valued. There is no room for impromptu shout-outs or high fives for a job well done. In these circumstances, you can try out self-motivation techniques to help you foster positive thinking, boost your confidence and maintain energy levels. 

Rather than be invisible, feel free to offer ideas and suggestions in discussions with your manager or virtual meetings with other team members. However, don't forget to ask for help when you need it as well. Your boss will be less able to see if you are struggling, so let them know as soon as possible. 

Take Frequent Breaks 

Even though this may sound counterproductive, without often breaks, your mind cannot stop thinking clearly, which negatively impact your work. Consider taking short, frequent breaks to restore your energy levels and recharge inner batteries. However, try to spend this time away from the computer. You can drink some water, engage in meditation, call a friend for a chat - any activity that allows your brain to relax. 

Additionally, it might be a great idea to run out for a coffee break or pick up some lunch outside. Leaving your apartment and workplace for a short period of time allows you not only to get some fresh air and sunbathes and move your body a little bit but also provides you with a mental reset so that you can be productive after returning to your work tasks. 

Try Out CBD Products 

Whether you need a quick energy boost, a natural remedy to reduce pain or stress levels, this beneficial supplement can come in handy. Due to its potential interaction with your body's endocannabinoid system, chewing some CBD gummies for anxiety might put your mind at ease by reducing stress, improving focus and relieving your aches, among other useful effects. 

Plus, since CBD is a pretty versatile compound, you can take it in many other formats to reap its positive impact and enhance your general wellbeing. For example, you can inhale CBD through a CBD vape pen, add a few drops of oil to your coffee or simply purchase ready-made options of CBD infused coffee, tea or water. 

Outline Tasks For Tomorrow At The End Of Each Day 

When you finish the last assignment of the day, resist the urge to simply leave your working area. Instead, take a couple of minutes to plan tomorrow's tasks and sketch out a schedule for the next day. That way, you can set priorities while it's still fresh in your mind and jump straight into action the next morning, knowing exactly what your daily goals are. 

This little activity has the added bonus of being an especially effective 'shutdown routine', signalling the end of the workday and helping you psychologically transition into your personal time. Outlining essential tasks for tomorrow can also prepare you for any early morning meetings that you might forget about so that the next day, 10 minutes before the meeting, you do not get a rude awakening from your phone.

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