3 Reasons Why The Jobs To Be Done Framework Is Crucial For Your Startup

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Using a specific program to help your business get up off the ground and running is essential to ensuring your business is productive. Without a clear-cut plan and program to follow, your business will have no structure, aim, and design - leaving the increased potential for failure within just months or years of inception. 

Running a startup takes all of your time and resources, so you need to make sure those valuable resources and precious time are going to good use. Without spending time on wasted resources and unimportant tasks, you can spend time doing what is really a mattress. Ensure your resources and employees are the most effective to help boost your business productivity! 

See more about the main reasons why using a specific plan and program is essential for the long-term effectiveness of your startup! 

3 Reasons The Job To Be Done Framework Is Needed For Your Startup 

The Jobs to be Done framework is a critical component for your new business. Along with having operational efficiency, hard-working employees, strategy planning, and allocation of resources, your jobs to be done framework helps set the stage for coming up with all of the business details. 

Prioritize The Opportunities 

One of the main examples in which the jobs to be done framework can help you with your business is to figure out how to categorize and prioritize the jobs to be done opportunities. There are thousands of jobs that people are trying to get done, along with thousands of products that want to be utilized by customers every single day. 

The jobs to be done framework can use scales and measuring methods to calculate the level of customer satisfaction, categorizing the opportunities as under-served, over-served, or served exactly right. Measuring the opportunities ensures the business can figure out how to fulfill a necessary blank space in their innovation strategy. 

List Outcome Expectations 

Another example of when the jobs to be done framework can help your startup is by listing the expectations. As a business owner, you have to relate the potential expectations to quantifiable numbers, such as the time spent, cost, availability of customers, maintainability, and other measurable satisfaction numbers. 

Keep in mind when measuring the outcome expectations, you need to take into account desired outcomes you want to achieve, undesirable outcomes, and desired outcomes that customers want to meet! 

Create Outcome Statements 

The final example of when the jobs to be done framework can help your startup is by creating outcome statements. Make sure you determine how your jobs to be done can be easily understood and transferred into daily operations within your business. Putting complex and complicated goals into easily understood frames is essential for any new startup business. 


Using the Jobs to be done framework for startups is especially important when you are creating outcome statements, listing outcome expectations, and prioritizing your opportunities regarding your innovation strategy.

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