Invest And Earn Using Cryptocurrency

how to invest and earn using cryptocurrency profits

Currently, there are many ways to earn interest in crypto, each will have its advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different audiences. You can choose the right way for you to start making money with Cryptocurrency as suggested below. 

What Is Cryptocurrency? 

In the last few years, the rapid development of Cryptocurrency is undeniable. Cryptocurrency is used to refer to all coins on the electronic market. It is also known as digital currency or coin or even virtual currency. 

Cryptocurrency is designed to act as a medium of exchange, it uses cryptographic algorithms to secure information and verify transactions as well as control out new units of a Cryptocurrency. 

Pretty hard to understand, isn't it? But you just need to understand simply that Cryptocurrency is similar to conventional currencies USD, EUR, VND but encrypted on the Internet environment. 

3 Best Ways To Earn Interest Using Cryptocurrency 

1. HODL Coin 

Buying and storing Bitcoin is one of the simplest and easiest strategies for newcomers to the Bitcoin space. First, get a Bitcoin wallet, buy BTC and hope that the price of BTC will skyrocket in the future, no matter how long it takes. It could be weeks, months, or even years before you decide to sell. 

The term HODL was born to refer to this tactic. The origin of HODL is from a typo on the forum, from which the word has officially become a trading strategy. It also means Hold On for Dead Life (there is still hope), so it is extremely important to look at how Bitcoin is valued and where to start. 

Pros: Easy to get started, Newbie-friendly 

Cons: High investment capital, Takes a long time, Only makes profits when the market goes up 

2. Trading Types

If the HOLD strategy serves the long-term goal, Bitcoin trading is the opposite method with a fast pace. Trading BTC means taking advantage of the high volatility of this currency. This strategy requires practice and market knowledge, so make sure you do your due diligence before thinking about giving it a try. 

Here are some schools of trading to get you started: 

Day Trading

Day trading requires you to make short and fast trades, creating the opportunity to make small and fast profits. Investors who choose this method do not leave any positions open overnight. So to implement this strategy, you need to carefully analyze the market, identify small earning opportunities, and aim for small profits. At the end of the trading session, day traders can make substantial cumulative profits. 

Interstitial Trading

If HODL is a long-term strategy and day trading is a short-term strategy then interstitial is in the middle. Like HODL traders, the interstitial trader will buy at a low complex, wait long enough for their investments to appreciate, and then sell at a high price. However, their bitcoin retention period is not as long as HODL investors and not as short as day traders. 


Bitcoin arbitrage trading is similar to the above trading styles. However, instead of looking for profitable opportunities within the same platform, investors of this school look for opportunities on different platforms. Essentially, they buy BTC from exchange A, then sell them on exchange B at a higher price. All of these methods require a lot of practice and practice, so don't expect to succeed on the first try. Do your research and find out which school is best for you, then believe in yourself. 

Pros: Low starting costs, Two trading directions: buy and sell, Use leverage to increase profits, T+0 transaction time 

Cons: High leverage makes the risk of loss, Not suitable for long-term goals 

3. Crypto Mining 

No, we are not talking about rushing into a cave and carrying a pickaxe… we are talking about Bitcoin mining, one of the first ways to earn BTC. This is the process by which miners use their high-performance computers to solve complex mathematical equations. When successfully deciphering the equation, they are rewarded with a sum of newly generated BTC. This activity can be likened to a race to see who can solve the block fastest, and those who are lucky enough to do it will receive a reward. 

In the past, mining was not as complicated as it is now. Some of the early miners were able to mine thousands of BTC through their regular computers. Now, the story of mining is completely different. To mine BTC today, you will need top-of-the-line equipment, tools that can cost thousands of dollars. Also because Bitcoin is now famous and popular, you will have to face a lot of competition. 

For a chance to compete, you can join Bitcoin mining pools or Bitcoin cloud mining. A Bitcoin mining pool is a collection of miners working together, combining their computing power to solve mathematical equations faster. A Bitcoin mining cloud is similar, but the difference is that miners will use the cloud to combine their computing power. This way, they won't have to install and run the relevant hardware and software directly. In both ways, the miner fees collected from the transactions and the bounty will be divided equally among the people in the pool. 

In the face of increasingly fierce competition, you will need better tools to be profitable. And as you pour your wallet into the device, your profit margins decrease. As a result, Bitcoin mining is no longer as profitable as it used to be. Do your research and find out carefully before deciding to mine because there are simpler ways to make money with Bitcoin. 

Pros: Higher earning potential 

Cons: High starting costs, Quite complex, Profit only when the market goes up 

Crypto Conclusion 

I hope you have chosen for yourself the most suitable way and can quickly make money from cryptocurrency. Now that you know the 3 best ways to make money with cryptocurrency, why not give them a try and start to invest in DeFi? Who knows, your efforts can bring big profits. 

As the crypto economy continues to evolve, we will see continued growth and people will find more and more ways to earn with cryptocurrency. Even more than the methods listed in this list, there are countless profitable opportunities cryptocurrencies offer you. Be sure to do your research and find out which method works best for you. Good luck crushing it with crypto!

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