Mugshots Online And How To Remove Them From Websites

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The reputation you have online is something that will last forever and this can be something that is both positive or negative. Embarrassing comments you have made may resurface many years in the future and negatively impact your present and future prospects. Criminal records can also be accessed and exploited online and this includes things like arrest records and mugshots. Mugshot removal websites have made a good business by posting mugshots and demanding high payments to have these pictures removed. 

It's not fair to extort people who have made mistakes, paid their debts to society, and learned from their problems that this has to follow them around for the rest of their lives.

Nevertheless, victims of this type of “legal” extortion now have options for mugshot removal from Google. Which is great news, because these online mugshots could ruin your personal and professional lives.

How Mugshot Websites Work 

Mugshot websites will scour the police records for arrest photos and then post these pictures online. Sadly, these websites rank very well and can even fill the entire first page of your search results with these negative pictures. This can make it very difficult for you to date, find good employment or even find a good line of credit. 

In the past, mugshots websites charged prohibitive fees to have these pictures taken down. But there are now laws and Google policies as well as actions taken by credit card companies that have made this form of extortion a thing of the past. 

Worst Mugshot Websites 

Of course, all mugshot websites will feature a disclaimer that says all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. They will also be quick to say that information displayed on their site can’t be used to determine eligibility for housing, credit or employment. 

But the truth is if your mugshot is posted online it can affect your eligibility for any of these things and even more. Your online reputation and offline name could forever be marred by your past scandal, even if you made just a minor mistake or did nothing wrong. 

And unfortunately if one mug shot website is taken down, another one can be transferred or launched within a matter of days. 

Minimize Mugshot Misery

You need to utilize a top SEO and/or legal professional to help remove these mugshot websites quickly and permanently if possible. Act fast and strategically for best results with mugshot removals online. 

These mugshots aren't just embarrassing reminders of past mistakes, but could potentially destroy your career and relationships.

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