6 Easy Changes You Can Make To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

changes improve email marketing campaigns

Businesses know email is the best marketing tool to engage customers because it's one of the few platforms giving a high return of investment (ROI). Email marketing campaigns introduce products, promote sales, and provide helpful information to ensure customer loyalty. 

But if you’re sending tons of emails per day and you’re not getting enough traffic or sales into your site, then it’s a sign you should tweak your email marketing tactics to get subscribers to open your messages. You’ll need to follow a few easy steps to maintain your customer base whens ending out marketing emails consistently. 

Email Marketing Campaign Improvement Tips 

This article rounds up six easy changes you can make to set your message apart from the hundreds in your client's inbox. These tips not only make your emails enjoyable but they'll also encourage two-way conversations with your customers. Applying these will help make your email marketing campaign a success. 

1. Manage Your List 

The first thing you need to do is to have client engagement solutions informed by client behavior. Having one allows you to build customer profiles so you can understand their interests and how often they want updates. These tools provide insight into the reader's behavior and allow you to create more valuable messages. 

You'll also need to identify those who haven't opened emails or clicked your links for the past 60-90 days. You can pitch an enticing 'last chance offer,' but if they don't respond, you'll have to let them go. It may sound counterintuitive, but keeping active readers can lower down costs and make your list manageable. 

2. Make Subject Lines Interesting 

According to statistics, an average person's inbox contains 200 emails. So how do you make yours stand out from the rest? How do you make sure it gets past spam filters and it's opened rather than discarded? 

It all starts with an engaging subject line. Experts recommend using 4-7 words for a brief yet personalized message. An intriguing subject can entice your reader to click on your email and read the rest of what you want to tell. 

If you want to say more without getting too wordy, you can add emojis to your subject line for a higher open rate. According to Campaign Monitor, emojis in the subject line make it visually appealing—especially to millennials. Give it a try, and you'll enjoy its benefits. 

3. Make Messages Valuable 

A catchy subject needs equally engaging content to match. They both work to create a story ultimately guiding readers toward your call to action. 

Whether it's availing a discount, downloading a free eBook, or clicking on a video, marketing emails should provide value to your recipient. They should find embedded incentives addressing their needs, even if it's just a small way to make their life better. 

email marketing campaign improvements emailing business customers

4. Make Emails Mobile-Friendly 

Nowadays, people use their smartphones for just about everything, including reading emails. You'll need to make sure it's readable across all devices without compromising the quality of your images or your content. 

Use a single format to deliver short yet meaningful messages. Larger fonts and attractive colors can help direct readers to your call to action. Add properly-sized images and ensure there are no broken links. 

Recipients respond better when your email is optimized to work on mobiles and tablets aside from easy access on desktops and laptops. 

5. Mix Up Formats 

Email templates are a great way to keep your messages user-friendly. Aside from your usual header image, article title, and short description, you can add variations and keep things interesting by adding interactive polls, GIFs, or videos. Using alternate formats encourages interaction with subscribers and allows you to reach out to a loyal audience. 

Changing your email formats also gives you insight into how customers respond to various types of email marketing campaigns. They not only make emails engaging but also provide helpful information about reader preferences and behavior. 

6. Measure Benchmarks 

Using the tips mentioned above would be futile if you don’t have metrics to measure your marketing campaign. Measurements are essential since they determine the efficacy of your chosen methods. 

Analyze open rate and delivery rate to determine how many read your messages. Click-through rate and conversion rates show how efficient your tactics drive traffic and sales with your emails. Review them every three to six months to give you updated stats and make the necessary tweaks for email excellence. 

Email Marketing Campaign Conclusion 

Email marketing campaigns can quickly improve when you inject value into your message. With the help of client engagement solutions, you can create personalized statements speaking your readers' language. It also helps to optimize your campaign for mobile phones and tablets to ensure readability. 

An intriguing subject line followed by short yet engaging content can compel readers to adhere to your call to action while varying formats enhance engagement. These simple tips ensure your mailing list is active and responsive, and it also guarantees the success of your campaign and the future of your brand.

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