5 Email Marketing Tips to Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget

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In our modern world, over 350 billion emails get sent each day. This constant email traffic creates opportunities to reach customers, but it also means your readers get inundated by emails they don't read. How can you make your emails stand out? 

To run a successful email marketing campaign, you must grab your customers' attention, entice them to read through your chosen content, and provide easy ways for them to take action. And you need to do all of this while making your email stand out from all the others your customers receive. 

Read on for five email marketing tips that will help you connect with your customers. 

1. Start With The Email Subject Line 

As the first text your customer sees, your subject line needs to be brief and compelling. Instead of choosing a general subject like "Newsletter," write something unique and specific, such as about an upcoming sale. Keep the subject line under 50 characters, because many readers will be reading this on a mobile device with a small screen. 

2. Provide Value In Your Emails

When customers open your emails, they'll want to see something that makes their time worthwhile. Avoid generic newsletters or company updates that won't interest the reader. Instead, focus on creating content that the customers will want to read. 

Take the time to research topics that will interest your customers, or send personalized messages that meet their needs. Try sharing tips, coupons, feel-good company stories, pertinent updates, or additional support of some sort. If you don't know how to come up with this type of content, you may want to consult a marketing firm. 

Keep your message strong and concise. Break up long pieces of text into shorter paragraphs or bulleted lists. 

The shorter you make your message, the more impact it will have. 

3. Insert Graphics 

Eye-catching graphics can both hook your customer and help get your point across. Insert memes, GIFs, or links to videos that emphasize your point, share product information, or match your company tone. Some marketing campaigns even use emojis in the subject headings, although this practice can backfire if the emoji sets the wrong tone. 

4. A/B Testing 

How can you know which email marketing strategy you should use? Write two versions of the same email, then perform an A/B test by sending one version to half of your customer list, and the other version to the other half. If one version of the email attracts more engagement than the other version, follow that template. 

5. Call to Action 

What do you hope to accomplish with your marketing email? If you want your customer to respond, make sure you include a clear call to action on your email blast. This could be an invitation to fill out a survey, click on a link, watch a video, contact the company, share with friends, or post a review. Your email must have a clear purpose for your business and the recipient.

Use These Email Marketing Tips 

These email marketing tips are inexpensive and easy to implement. Focus on getting your customers' attention, share messages that benefit them, and invite them to follow up. Your emails won't get lost in the inbox anymore—instead, you'll be able to reach your customers and share your emailed marketing messages. 

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