5 Top Data Science Companies To Work For

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Companies and organizations embarking on big data projects can choose from hundreds of vendors for applications, analytics, and data management services. But their choice is likely to be hardware, software and cloud services from a relatively small number of vendors, many of whom are major players in the IT industry. 

Part 3 of the "Big Data 100" list, which is published annually by CRN / US, includes data science company offering on-premises and cloud-based systems and platforms that serve as the foundation for many initiatives. 

5 Top Data Science Companies To Work With

Amazon Web Services 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a cloud-based platform that serves as the foundation for big data processing for many organizations, providing storage, data management, also business intelligence capabilities. 

In addition to the platform itself, AWS also offers a growing portfolio of cloud services that give clients — especially small and medium-sized businesses — high-performance big data technology previously only available to large organizations. 

AWS offers database management systems (including Amazon RDS and NoSQL DynamoDB), RedShift data warehouse, QuickSight business analysis application, Amazon Athena interactive query service, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) service using Hadoop and Spark, as well as artificial intelligence, device education, and Internet of Things assistance. 

BlueData Software 

BlueData's Docker container technology program is applied to use big data workloads in the public spot, on-premises, or hybrid IT environments. BlueData EPIC is a big data-as-a-service platform that delivers Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and other big data analytics and exploration instruments on demand. 

The latest release of the EPIC platform adds support for GPU-based systems and the TensorFlow machine learning library. 

BlueData said sales rose 228% in 2017 with the addition of customers such as: Citigroup; GM Financial; GlaxoSmithKline; Seattle Children's Hospital; Tesco Bank. 


Cazena offers a fully accomplished big data-as-a-service stand for storing, analyzing, and sharing data without knowing DevOps and other complex stuff. Through partnerships with Cloudera, Microsoft Azure, and AWS, the company provides big data tools for business intelligence and data exploration, customer research, and data engineering. 

In November, Cazena launched AppCloud, where customers can deploy and use machine training and analytics tools such as: 

·     DataRobot; 
·     Cloudera; 
·     Data Science Workbench; 
·     StreamSets; 
·     Arcadia Data. 


Cloudera offers Apache software and services that serve as the foundation for many customers' big data systems. Among the products offered are the flagship platform Enterprise Data Hub, Operational DB, Data Science Workbench, Cloudera SDX (Shared Data Experience), etc. 

In November, the Altus Analytic DB cloud data warehouse was launched, built on its own platform-as-a-service Cloudera Altus, with functions of SQL queries and self-service business analysis. 

Dell Technologies 

Dell Technologies offers, of course, a wide range of big data hardware and software, from high-performance servers and storage systems to infrastructure software and networking hardware. 

Dell's parent company also provides data management, data integration, and data protection software that provides the foundation for many customers' big data projects. In particular, its Boomi service serves to move data between cloud and on-premises deployed applications. 

You can't go wrong when working with Dell as a top data science company!

Determine Which Top Data Science Company You Want To Work For 

Data science companies continue to grow in the new digital age, and more big tech companies are popping up every month. Do your due diligence to determine which top data sciences company you want to start working with.

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