Proton X70 vs Perodua Aruz SUV Comparison

proton x70 vs perodua aruz suv 2021 which is best

Looking for a new car? Planning to switch towards an SUV? Well, you might consider comparing the best available options. There is a huge market for SUVs or Sports utility vehicles and this variant of cars is well represented by almost every kind of automobile brand. If you want to stand apart from the crowd of SUV owners then you might consider cars like Perodua’s alza. It came into existence about a decade ago, this SUV is the first MPV built based on purpose. However, if you are not sticking with a particular type of option it is better to go for a sport utility vehicle comparison. Let’s move further and find which SUV is better than among Proton X70 and Perodua Aruz. 

Design Says It All 

While comparing two vehicles, it becomes convenient to make a few categories and base the comparison on those categories. Here, the very first category is design. Starting with Perodua Aruz, it is designed on the basis of Malaysian tenet, from the talking point front area has a multi-slat grille with black and silver accents. The car is flanked with headlamps (LED equipped) that have a standard follow-home feature. On the other hand, X70 introduces an infinite weave grille that features a kink in its lower edge. This SUV has a wavy pattern which is said to be drawn from Malaysian woodworking. Both of these cars are very stylish and upgraded on the basis of design. You must check them out and make your choice. 

Speaking Of The Exterior Features 

Another category based on which we are comparing these two amazing SUVs is their exterior features. Here are some of the exterior features for drawing the comparison between these two SUVs: 

● Aruz offers, radiator grille with a glossy and chrome black finish while X70 offers an infinite weave grille 

● Both the SUVs offer fog lamps in the front 

● Proton X70 provides the function of power adjusting the rear view mirror of the exterior while Aruz owners enjoy wing mirrors that work with power and have a folding function 

● Proton X70 also has a wiper that senses rain and there is also a rear wiper 

Among all the other exterior features, Aruz also provides roof rails, silver diffusers, sharp creases, rear spoiler, and Headlamps equipped with LED and follow-me-home function. 

Interior Can Never Be Ignored 

Aruz’s interior feels like a premium cabin crafted to make sure you have a great driving experience and comfort. Perodua has used top-notch material quality that is well fitted and finished. Along with that, you can easily accommodate 7 people in Aruz and the seating is also very comfortable. When styling is considered, the dashboard of this car looks modern and steering could tilt and have other multiple functions as well. On the other hand, X70 lags a little behind for it holds only 5-seater space. However, it has a power steering that is adjustable with a turning radius of 5.5 m and the steering column is tilt and telescopic. This means both of these SUVs are powerfully handled machines but the interior of Aruz is better just like its fellow machine alza in 2023. 

Engine And Other Features 

Both of these SUVs are popular for their performance and power. While Aruz has a 1.5 liters petrol engine, Proton X70 offers 1.8 liters petrol engine. Both Aruz and X70 offer automatic transmission but X70 provides a seven-speed gearbox whereas Aruz has four-speed. This means X70 is faster than Aruz but the latter offers better mileage than the former. Along with that when it comes to security, Aruz has six airbags whereas X70 provides airbags for drivers, passengers, and the front side. Both the cars provide brake assist and rear camera with child lock safety. Therefore, it would not be wrong to claim that safety is given serious thought while building both of these vehicles. 

SUV Showdown

Now when you are well aware of both the SUVs and their features you might consider making up your mind. While Aruz comes from the heritage of SUVs like alza and offers more seating space it seems perfect for family holidays but X70 is faster than it. So, keep your needs in mind and choose your SUV wisely in 2023 or 2024!

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