What Will Be The Future Of DTM?

future of dtm racing electric car race honda

The adventures of the DTM has made it become more than just a race. This is attributed to the transition from the legendary DTM that featured powerful sports cars to the innovative DTM that features electric cars. The high technological levels and advancements have made the Motorsport sand the mobility sector undergo an impulsive transition phase. 

At the moment, Nissan and Honda have incorporated high-end innovative technology that will see them participate in the DTM Race series. For Honda we are likely to expect the Honda Acura EV Concept to take part in the racing.  For the Nissan Company we are likely to see the Nissan Leaf e+. Thus, today we will implement a progressive diversification on the conscious future that combines the innovative trend and highest technological demands in DTM. 

What made DTM unique was the fact that it only had pure petrol series vehicles. This means that the cars had no electric turbos and no electric power trains. At the moment manufacturers cared less about petrol vehicle, and they are introducing the electric side. Therefore we are likely to get Corvette, Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Aston Martin, Honda, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. 

The introduction of these electric cars will be done under the digital Motorsport in the DTM Esports. This is part of the five high-class pillars set to provide a unique motorsport experience to the fans. DTM Esports targets the young talents while the classic races are set for nostalgic moments with the elder generations. DTM puts its focus on developing innovative and sustainable DTM Electric racing. 

The future OF DTM is also characterized by the number of races for each series. DTM has announced that there will be two races per weekend for each series from their official web page. This means that there will be only one driver per car, and once they are successful, they can apply for the next elements. This serves as a direct entry for the young talent into the DTM cockpit. 

It’s also characterized by the start of the races. This is through the implementation of the DTM Formations Start. The DTM Formations has a New Balance of Performance (BOP) System that is circuit specific. The system provides an equal field with closer and competitive racing. 

We can’t talk about the future of DTM and leave out the type of cars that are likely to take part in the DTM racing. As mentioned earlier, the introduction of DTM Esports opens room for various manufacturers in the innovative electric car industry to participate in the races. Therefore expect the likes of Corvette, Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Aston Martin, Honda, Mercedes, and BMW. 

In recent developments, Audi announced that it would no longer be taking part in the Esports category of DTM Esports racing. Despite that, DTM hasn’t made in shortlist of the vehicle taking part in the race. They have only confirmed that the cars will be based on Grand tourers. 

We ought to expect a lot of changes in DTM, especially with the withdrawal of other team players like BMW and Audi. As fans, I understand that we all have several speculations, and we are waiting for the next moves. With the growth of technological levels, expect a lot of AI and deep learning application in the race tracks.

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