Protecting Your Business From Personal Injury Claims

how to protect business from personal injury claims workplace safety

No matter your business’s size, the merchandise or services you sell, or your location, you always want to take the necessary steps to offer a safe environment for your customers and employees to avoid being targeted by personal injury suits. Throughout the life of your business, you may discover that many claims are not legitimate, and many more are born out of greed. All, however, pose a risk to your business. 

Whether any of those lawsuits are valid or not, the damage to your business’s reputation can be catastrophic, resulting in long-term consequences. Here are some tips to help you carry out preventive measures to try to avoid finding yourself in this situation. 

Keep Your Premises Clean And Well Organized 

A disordered and messy workplace is the leading cause of slip and fall accidents at work. To prevent anyone from slipping and falling, always maintain obstacles out of the way, particularly out of hallways and places with heavy foot traffic. 

Make it a habit, and instill it in your employees, never to keep garbage lying around. Hazardous materials, chemicals, cleaning fluids, and other substances should always be stored in specified spaces or disposed of properly when no longer needed. 

Cables and wires should be tucked away neatly and securely. Spills and leaks, broken glass, and any other obvious hazard should be cleaned up immediately, and the area marked with warning signs. 

Provide Safety Training To Your Staff 

Safety measures should not be left to chance. Training your employees on how to maintain a safe work environment will reduce the likelihood of personal injury claims and serves to avoid potential accidents. 

Everyone should know where emergency exits are, what emergency numbers to call, and how to leave the premises quickly and safely. Drills and inspections should be conducted frequently. 

Depending on the nature of your business, employees should be provided with safety equipment such as helmets, goggles, gloves, or face shields. They should also be aware of safety guidelines, and even the most minor safety concerns should be addressed right away. 

Perform Routine Maintenance 

If there are vehicles associated with the business, inspect them regularly. Check tires, oil, brakes, lights, and other safety details. If protective equipment is used regularly, make sure to inspect that as well and renew as needed. 

Conduct housekeeping, preferably after business hours. Implement housekeeping procedures and keep a log of them and the times when the premises are inspected. These documents will prove helpful should you have to defend yourself in court. 

Get General Liability Insurance And Don’t Lose Coverage 

Accidents do happen, no matter how many safety checks and precautions you take. Getting a general liability insurance policy will prevent you from having to pay liability claims out of your own pocket. Consider also getting worker’s compensation and commercial property insurance to cover these other liabilities. At, you can find out more about the importance of always paying your premiums on time and complying with corporate regulations in maintaining safe work environments. 

Should an accident happen, handle it properly, tend to the victim as much as possible, and write a detailed account of the incident. Also, hire a knowledgeable personal injury attorney that will guide you through this complicated process.

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