Pros And Cons Of Refurbished PTAC Units

pros cons refurbished ptac units self-contained air conditioning systems

A packaged terminal air conditioner or PTAC is a self-contained air-conditioning system mostly used in hotel rooms, offices, and other single rooms. The unit is usually installed on the window or directly on the wall. It works by pushing a refrigerant through the unit to the room and taking away heat through a vent. 

PTAC is efficient, and many people are opting for them instead of a central air conditioning system. Due to the demand, there has been an increase in the units' sales, both brand new and refurbished. Buying a PTAC unit depends on the user preference, cost, availability, and room size. 

Factoring in these aspects, some people usually purchase refurbished units. They're mostly available in online stores. Here is a link to where you can check and purchase different PTAC types. 

Pros And Cons Of Refurbished Units 

Before purchasing refurbished units of PTAC, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages that come with them. You can compare these features with brand-new units to determine the most suitable for your space. 

Pros Of Refurbished Units 

Once you decide to purchase an air conditioning system, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you go for a refurbished PTAC unit: 

1. They're Cheaper 

When a client purchases a unit of PTAC and uses it for some time, they can return it if it's defective. This depends on the warranty coverage. The provider can then fix the problems, test the gadget, repackage it, and sell it as refurbished. 

The refurbished unit will be cheaper than the new version because a previous client used it. The refurbished unit usually has the same features as the brand new one but at a cheaper cost. 

2. They May Be Efficient Refurbished 

PTAC are usually recalled for repairs after they’ve developed performance issues. Before being resold, they've to be fixed and tested again for any underlying bugs. They, therefore, undergo twice the inspection, one before the first sale and the other when they're being refurbished. 

With these performance tests, buying a refurbished unit could mean that you get a more efficient and effective unit in your space. The tests help cut the risk of future technological issues that would’ve arisen. 

3. They Are Cost-Effective 

Other than being cheaper, refurbished PTAC units are cost-effective in so many ways. The repairs that are made before being sold help cut repair costs as there might be no need for repairs in the near future. 

They also help cut electricity costs as a PTAC is usually designed to be a one-room air conditioning unit. This means you only use them in the rooms that are needed and not in all rooms. The PTAC can also act as a heater; hence, you won't need to have different air conditioning appliances. 

Cons Of Refurbished PTAC 

Like any other electronic gadgets, refurbished PTAC units might have some underlying issues that may show once you make a purchase. 

These are some of the cons of buying refurbished AC units: 

disadvantages buying refurbished ptac units used air conditioning systems

1. Some Products Lack Warranty 

Some refurbished PTAC air conditioning units may not have a warranty because the manufacturer didn't make the repairs. In such cases, once the units develop problems, you’ll have to carter for the repair costs yourself. The warranty won't also apply if an authorized dealer didn't make the repairs or the sale. 

2. Substandard Repairs 

Refurbished PTAC could be prone to substandard repairs. This usually happens when licensed dealers aren't the ones who did the repairs. The material and parts used during the repair could also be mimics and low quality, and it’ll trigger other performance issues when used. 

Even when licensed dealers do the repairs, the focus might be on the defective part and not on the whole equipment. Some repairs that aren’t highlighted by the client may be assumed, which will be a problem once you acquire the gadgets. 

3. Unknown Lifespan 

Most electronics have a lifespan in which they can perform efficiently. When you purchase a brand-new electronic gadget, you’ll be aware of its lifespan. You can determine how long you’ll be able to use it before it starts having performance issues. 

However, you won't know how long the previous owner had used them when purchasing refurbished items. Had they used them for a long, it could significantly affect their performance after a short while. Alternatively, you can install ductless air conditioning units. The lower power usage may make it a good choice for some people. Also, they can be easily maintained by hiring an HVAC company, like Magnolia Heating and Cooling.

Air Conditioner Conclusion 

PTAC units are a good air conditioning choice. They offer several benefits than other conditioning units. If you decide to shop for refurbished units, ensure that you consider all the pros and cons. This will be essential in getting a suitable gadget for your room. You should also ensure that you make your used AC system purchases through the right dealers to enjoy benefits such as a warranty.

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