Getting Bored In Quarantine? We’ve Got You Covered With 20 Fun Things That You Can Do

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. With an increasing number of people still being infected every day, there is a great amount of terror and fear associated with surviving during these tough times. However, we have to make sure that we give our best in being compliant during Coronavirus lockdown, quarantining ourselves within our homes as responsible individuals. Masks have been helping and vaccines are being rolled out somewhat successfully so far, but the majority of people are still stuck at home.

The best thing to do this is by distracting yourself from the terror around us and indulging in fun things that can make staying in incredibly entertaining. 

Here Are 20 Things That You Can Do To Keep Yourself Entertained 

We can't guarantee that at least three to four things out of this long list of 20 can help you stay healthy and sane! Give them a try during this long lockdown, and you will not regret it. 

1. Clean The Dust Off Your Exercise Mat 

Always wanted to achieve that perfect summer body and tick off your fitness goals? Well, now is the best time to do it. Roll out your exercise mat on the patio or inside your living room and kick start a workout routine. To make things more fun, you can follow a YouTube session. 

2. Stargazing 

With the lower levels of pollution, our skies have never been clearer! If you are an astronomical junky, then now is your time to shine. Bring out your telescopes, or just enjoy the stars in the sky with your naked eye. 

3. Virtual Hangouts 

Arrange a video call with your old friends or favorite workmates. Catch up on each other lives and share stories. 

4. Online Gaming 

Miss playing video games with your friends on weekends? You can now do this online with your friends, and we can assure you that it's going to be the same level of fun, if not more. You can even make free bets with your friends to spice things up. 

5. Get Busy In The Kitchen 

Try out all the recipes you have saved on Pinterest but never got to execute with a busy schedule. 

6. Stay Glued To Netflix 

All the shows and movies that you have been adding to Your List can now have a chance to be binge- watched, so start now and don't stop. 

7. Brew, Brew, Brew 

It’s an excellent time to polish your brewing skills. Learn to make the best cold coffee of your life while you stay in. 

8. Board Game Nights 

Board games are considered to be one of the best ways to bring family closer together. Wipe the dust off your Monopoly, locate those missing pieces, and get going now! 

9. Order Paints And Brushes 

Creating art can be therapeutic. You can copy any random pieces from the internet or take inspiration and create your own. It will get your creative juices flowing in no time. 

10. Declutter And Reorganize 

Make a list of all the spaces in your house that you want to clean and declutter every week. It will give you a great sense of achievement while also getting rid of everything. 

11. Documentaries 

Now is the best time to educate yourself on your favorite topics by watching documentaries. 

12. Gardening 

Start your own little organic garden and enjoy fresh cherry tomatoes, basil, and lemons. 

13. Subscribe To Podcasts 

For anyone who doesn’t enjoy reading, podcasts are a great way to learn things and enjoy their time! Here’s the 50 best podcasts to listen to right now:

14. Watch Old Matches 

Revisit some of your favorite sporting moments. Enjoy the nostalgia on YouTube or your favorite streaming service now.

15. Order In 

Ordering in is considered a fun thing? Well, eating good food releases happy hormones in your head, so we recommend ordering in food and supporting your favorite restaurants once a week. 

16. Subscribe To Online Courses 

If there's a skill you always wanted to learn, like content writing or photography, now is the best time to do so. 

17. Create A Blog 

There are several platforms to maintain and create a blog these days. Look for the one that keeps you entertained the most. Who knows, you might even build a profitable business from your new blog! 

18. Join A Book Circle 

If you love to read, then joining a book circle is one of the best things you can do in quarantine. 

19. Adult Coloring Books 

These have been popular for reducing stress levels, so it might be worth a try. 

20. Virtual Tours 

Can’t visit Santorini and Barcelona as you planned for the summer break? Virtual tours have got your back. Start now! 

Stay Active And Healthy During Lockdowns And Reopening

Being stuck at home with limited options due to Coronavirus can be depressing. Keep these twenty top activities in mind to have some affordable fun while the world reopens after a problematic pandemic.

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