6 Pros And Cons Of Being An Uber Driver

pros cons being uber driver

Nowadays, becoming a driver for Uber is extremely popular, especially in major towns and cities. However, it can be challenging to understand for those who don’t know much about it. Is it a job that can provide you with a stable income? And what are the disadvantages of this gig or side hustle? 

Below, we are going to discuss six pros and cons of becoming an uber driver so that you can determine if it is the right job for you. Want to learn more about driving with Uber? Let’s get started side hustling! 

Pro: Flexible Hours 

Without a doubt, one of the best benefits of being an Uber driver is the flexible hours. You get to choose what days and what hours you work, giving you the ultimate work-life balance. You are your own boss, and you don’t have anyone watching over your shoulder. Work all day or just a few hours; the choice is yours! 

Con: Road Rage 

Since the most profitable times to make money with Uber are when it’s busy, driving can be stressful and overwhelming. You need to be both calm and patient to avoid getting into a crash. Otherwise, you can lose your income and hurt yourself, passengers, and other drivers on the road, Uber accidents are becoming more and more common for tired or distracted drivers. 

Pro: Different Options 

If driving around passengers doesn’t suit you, Uber offers different options that may also be of interest. Uber Eats is a food delivery service in which you pick up orders and deliver them, and you can even choose to become a courier. Alongside this, there are other services out there from different companies, including an uber for laundry. 

Con: Wear and Tear 

Drivers are responsible for all car maintenance in order to keep their vehicles in good condition. This can get expensive, especially since you are driving every day for multiple hours. Your vehicle may even depreciate in value, making it harder to sell in the future. 

Pro: Instant Pay 

Another great benefit of driving for Uber is that you don’t have to wait till the end of the week to get paid. You can cash out up to five times or day if you have a debit card, as long as you sign up through the app. However, it can be wise not to do it too many times as there is a small fee per transaction. 

Con: Insurance 

Any driver that works for a rideshare business needs to have insurance. If you are sick, you won’t get paid, and if you have a crash, it’s up to you to fit the bill. Commercial rideshare insurance ensures that both yourself and any passengers are protected so that you aren’t personally liable for their medical expenses. 

Final Thoughts On Uber Driving

When deciding whether or not driving for Uber is the right choice for you, you need to consider all of the above factors. Flexibility is great, but in order to make a high income, you still need to put in hard work. It might be better as a second or side job to make yourself some extra cash.

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