WinClub88 Review: Trusted Online Casino For Thailand, Malaysia And Indonesia

winclub88 review online casino rating

Today, we are going to review WinClub88 คาสิโนออนไลน์ in terms of their Thailand Market. As one of the Asia countries that banned gambling by the government, casino and all form of gambling activities are illegal in Thailand. The only betting that is allowed is lottery betting, which is their Thai Rath Lottery. However, this cannot satisfy the players. This is why online gambling and online casino become a trend for Thailand players. 

Well-Established For More Than 10 Years 

Winclub88 as an international online gambling site has been serving players from three major countries: Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Thailand is one of their market which they are doing extremely well. It has been established for more than 10 years and the branding of their casino is very strong in the Thailand local market. WinClub88 is trusted by the players for its good 100% pay out history and big jackpot prize. One of the biggest jackpot prizes won in WinClub88 history is a Jackpot prize of 10,000,000 baht, which is around USD32,500! 

Legal Gaming License Issued By Gaming Curacao 

Another main reason why WinClub88 is trusted by the players is because of it’s gaming license. A legal online casino is required to get their operating license and gaming license in order to preserve the players. WinClub88 have gaming license issued by Gaming Curacao. In order to obtain the license, casino would need to undergoes a thorough assessment by the legal authority. The online operators need to demonstrate great integrity and stable financial standing in order to get the license. Thus, with Gaming Curacao license, this prove that WinClub88 เว็บพนันออนไลน์ online gambling site is safe to play. 

Regular Audit On All Games And Casino Operation 

WinClub88 is under the supervision of Gaming Curacao Authority where they safeguard and provide essential protection to the players of the license holders. All the casino games provided by WinClub88 had undergoes regular compliance audit to ensure all games algorithms are fair and follow the standard of regulations. Thus, there would be definitely no problem such as rigged games. 

Localization Of Casino Games & Offer With International Standard Retained 

As a international casino that serve few different markets, one of the advantages WinClub88 have over the competitors is the localization of their online casino. Some international online casino only available for certain currency such as USD ($) or Pounds (£) regardless which country the players from. But at WinClub88 Thailand, they apply local payment method such as Thailand Local Bank Transfer and transactions are process in Thai Baht. 

Through this localization of payment method, WinClub88 Thai Players would not be charged extra processing fee or currency conversion fee! What’s even better is that WinClub88 web casino is available in Thai language, including all the promotion, betting odds, customer support, live dealer and etc. 

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Casino Conclusion 

If you are looking for a trusted online casino to play, WinClub88 is definitely your best choice of all. They have all the most popular betting games that you would like such as baccarat online and the sports bets that you love to place. Play at WinClub88 and win big!

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