Upgraded Stainless Steel Commercial Equipment: Work Tables With Undershelves

upgraded stainless steel commercial equipment work tables undershelves

Stainless steel work tables with the undershelf belong to the category of customized equipment that can resolve lots of issues when arranging tight spaces of commercial kitchens and comply with high standards of food-service businesses. Thus, one of the key requirements of metal food prep tables is the easiness of keeping them clean and free from germs, grease, and bacteria. So, by investing in work tables with undershelf or two undershelves, you will obtain a non-porous top for cooking that will be quite simple to maintain, ensuring complete tidiness. The advantage of steel working surfaces is the absence of cracks, so countertops do not accumulate particles and microorganisms that can spread foodborne diseases. This prevents sanitary risks after processing the food and also preserves the aesthetic look of the furniture. Moreover, such additions as extra shelves can drastically improve the storage capacity and ensure a well-established area where every object has its own convenient for reaching place. 

What benefits you will gain by purchasing a work table with the undershelf: 

● prevention of served food contamination; 

● proper handling, cooking, and storing products to prevent quality loss and infections; 

● smart use of space through extra sturdy storage surfaces beneath the countertop; 

● built to last commercial equipment will exceed your expectation regarding functionality, longevity, resistance properties; 

● proper outfit of the area for better performance; 

● cost-efficient solutions. 

Ease of maintenance, reliability, durability, and versatility of work tables with the undershelf are the main characteristics due to which such first-class metal equipment design is a top pick. But they are not limited in use, therefore they are in demand not only for food establishments but also in confectionery and bakery spheres, for medical purposes or professional laboratories. 

Selection Tips For Stainless Steel Working Tops 

Buying the work tables for your restaurant can be a real challenge. However, it is critical to the efficiency and smooth operation of your business. Apart from work tables with undershelves, they can have an array of modifications, be of different sizes, can have upper shelving and different edge styles to accommodate ergonomic needs. If you know the specific properties of the tables, you can easily choose the right model. 

Thus, deciding if the open base table or a model with a bottom shelf will be appropriate for you, focus on the set objectives you strive to achieve. For example, the table with emptiness beneath is great if you want to keep a bin or two for ingredients since they can fit right under the table. Stainless steel work tables with two undershelves provide convenient space for utensils or storage boxes. For excellent mobility, check options with casters. It allows easily moving around that significantly enhances cleanliness. 

For staff convenience and fast speed of performance, table height, dimensions, and extra accessories should be taken into account. In the AmGoodSupply catalog, you can find tables of various shapes with different modifications such as wheels or overshelves that are designed to meet your strict requirements. This dependable and reputable supplier offers only heavy-duty metal units that resist rust, corrosion, stains, and scratches.

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