Watch Time On YouTube Importance And How To Increase It

watch time on youtube importance ways increase watching length video views quality

Times change in the world of social media, digital marketing, and online content. And on YouTube it is not enough to merely gain many views on your account. To win the YouTube videos competition, a vlogger has to pay attention to other key metrics, and one of the most important and hard to achieve statistics is watch time. It may not be a primary attention grabber but it plays a huge part in your ranking. It's even essential now to become a monetized YouTube Partner Creator and earn money displaying ads on your vids. Of course with you can push this studio account stat a bit up, but it is always good to understand the purpose of the watch time in your analytics and ways to increase it organically. 

What Is This Metric Anyway? 

To have a clear understanding of its importance, you have to know what it actually is. Watch stats on YouTube are often called “audience retention” too. This term means the length of time that a user has spent on your video. By 2012 this metric pushed the number of views to the secondary role in the system of ranking, because view counter is considering the first thirty seconds only. It is demonstrating not just the viewership number, but the value of your content. So both for creators and YouTube algorithms this matter is more important in the rating than plain number of views. 

The Ways To Increase Your Watch Hours

Of course, when you realize the purpose of watch time on or the YouTube app, you might wonder how it can be enhanced in your favor. By now, some useful video views tips can be defined and we shall gladly share them with you. 

Produce Top-Quality Content 

watch time on youtube importance ways increase watching length video quality

Whatever additional method of promotion you can introduce to your tactics, content is king. More than 500 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube every day. Hence, the level of competition is enormous on And users are very demanding to the content they consume, because the offer is multiple times bigger than it was even a decade ago. So, to impress your viewers and encourage them to watch your content for a longer time, you must follow few simple rules: 

• Invest in better gear for higher quality 
• Pay attention to small details that appear in your video 
• Try to create original content. Trends are good, but users seek something genuine and unique 

Build A Consistent Image 

You will get an established audience when people know what to expect from you. Users on YouTube will become your constant audience when you give them certainty about your material. With the existing offer of materials dedicated to a single niche, people crave for more concrete blogs with specific content, rather than something general. 

To improve your performance in this area of YouTuber videos, you have to put many efforts into, again, improving your content, and maintaining your manners, style and branding. Branding is your most valuable instrument in creating your public image. It is impossible to give any accurate tips, because many factors are personal or depending on the industry you are occupying, but the only useful advice here - it is always better to concentrate your videos on what you do good and build your recognition around that. 

Boost Your Influence In The Beginning Of Your Video 

Even though your materials have to be engaging throughout all duration, when you struggle for increasing watch time you have to hook the viewer in the first 15 seconds. This is exactly the time it takes for users to decide whether they will watch your content further. Try to make the first 15 seconds of your video engaging and informative. Give your viewers the information about what they will see in this film. From this point, comes the next tip to remember for boosting YouTube video and channel performance. 

Create stunning intro video will help you to grab audience attention, online tools like youtube intro maker, placeit ,and renderforest are useful to create attractive intro videos.

Don't Mislead Your Viewers 

When you want to increase watch hours you must meet the expectations of your followers. It means that your titles and thumbnails have to be truly informative and certain, so users will understand what they should expect from the particular video. 

youtube playlist increase video watch time

Clickbait headlines and unreal pictures as a thumbnail can only decrease your stats as viewers disappoint in videos on your channel. Tricking users into watching your content is possibly the worst strategy to choose. 

The proper method of attracting the attention of the public is giving accurate and original hooks in your titles and thumbnails so your target audience finds the content easily. 

Wield Playlists 

Playlists are the power tool for your watch time on YouTube. Users like linear viewing experience so making categories and sequences will certainly increase your stats. 

Another interesting practice to use is creating YouTube playlists with integration of other creators videos. This way you can attract new viewers to your content, and improve your statistics. Usually other creators don’t mind because from featured playlists all authors will have a benefit. 

Optimization Is Vital 

To increase your YouTube video watch time, you must aim for the right audience. After you have defined the target group, your next step is optimization, to make your content easily discoverable for interested users on YouTube and search engines like Google (the company that owns YouTube). Define your main SEO keywords and input them into: 

• Titles 
• Descriptions 
• Tags 
• CC / custom subtitles 

Analyze The Situation 

To make the most of your strategy on YouTube you should check your progress all the time. Luckily this platform has enough instruments for analytics so you can easily find out at what point your audience begins losing the attention to your content. 

Then, when you know what is causing the decrease in your YouTube channel video reports, you can enhance your performance according to the data you got.

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