3 Major Commercial Janitorial Services Offered

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If you manage an office or own a small business, you have probably had multiple calls from janitorial services in Miami offering a free consultation to discuss cleaning your space. Before you take one of these free consultations, you should know what to look for in a janitorial service. 

Janitorial services are not the same as commercial cleaning services. A janitorial service provider will dust, mop, vacuum, and clean toilets. Commercial cleaning services generally include such things as carpet shampooing and window washing. 

Many cleaning companies will provide both commercial and janitorial services. Some companies may also provide groundskeeping services which include cleaning of the parking lot, maintaining garage areas, and light lawn maintenance. Be sure to ask the salesperson if they offer all three of these services and if it is possible to get a package deal. 

It may be helpful to know all of the things you should look for in a good cleaning company, and what services they should offer. 

3 Primary Commercial Janitorial Services Offered

1. They Should Clean Every Area Of The Office 

Some janitorial services will only vacuum the carpet, mop the floor, and wipe down the kitchen and bathroom counters. The service you hire should clean your office thoroughly. The desks in the average office are often coated in germs, dead skin, and dust. 

Your janitorial service should clean and disinfect the desks on a regular basis. This can be a critical service if your employees share desks. The CDC has determined that the COVID virus may be spread through surfaces. Clean desks will help your employees stay safe and help to protect you legally. 

Disinfecting the premises is important these days. Killing germs will keep your employees and visitors feeling well for work. 

They should clean entryways and conference rooms, so your clients will be impressed when they come to visit. 

2. They Should Have Flexible Hours 

The majority of janitorial services work at night, and for some companies, that works out just fine. If they are going to clean at night and you will not be there, you should ask what kind of background checks they do on employees. You will also want to consider the extra cost of electricity for nighttime cleaning. 

Some companies prefer daytime cleaning, so they can monitor the janitorial staff. They may also want their customers to be able to see that cleaning is being done. 

You should ask the salesperson how often they will clean each area. They may be able to offer you a discount if there are certain areas for which you only need occasional cleaning. 

3. They Should Use Top Quality Cleaning Products 

Some very small janitorial companies will ask you to provide the cleaning products yourself. In most cases, they will bring their own supplies. The best services will provide their own commercial-quality supplies. Ask the representatives why they chose the products that they use.

Their Employees Should Go Through Special Training 

The best janitorial services will include trained employees. You should ask how much training the janitors go through, and what special cleaning techniques the company has developed. You would be surprised at all of the different methods there are to mop or vacuum a floor. 

A professional janitor will make your office look presentable, and a pleasant work environment will motivate your employees to work hard. A clean workspace will keep everyone healthy and happy.

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