7 Interesting Majors For Criminal Justice Students

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Criminal justice is a field with many sub-fields, which you can attain for a rewarding career. Individuals enrolled in criminal justice often pursue specialization degrees that include Public Administration, Foreign language, or IT law. Deciding on a career path in criminal justice is very exciting but overwhelming at the same time. With so many fields of specialization available, the selection of a specific major can seem daunting. 

Ranging from victim advocacy and criminal investigations, students can pursue criminal justice principles to fit right in the field. The degree opens doors to a variety of other non- traditional careers in both the public and private sectors. It further provides students with a skill set that develops experience with a combination of fields. 

As a criminal justice student, you might go through different studies, including sociology, psychology, and social work, IT, to develop specific skills. If your interests involve analyzing criminal behavior, offering rehabilitation, or working in law enforcement, then consider doing a major in criminal justice. Here we will list some of the different careers available concerning the top college or university majors you can pursue. 

1. Major In Corrections 

Students who pursue a major in corrections have to study prison life and prepare for jails and correctional facilities. They can further start their careers in prison facilities. Some students choose to take a scholarly role in conducting researches within the industry. While those working as correctional officers often get promoted to prison wardens and similar positions. The degree is of an associate-level and is opted by undergraduate students. It is the most common major pursued by students associated with criminal justice studies. Undoubtedly, the profession has high professional scope and demand in terms of the pay scale. 

2. Information Security 

Information security is a fast-growing field as companies, and law enforcement associations have taken their operations online. With a major in information security, you will not only learn to handle security breaches, but you will also learn to stop them beforehand. Professionals in this career help associated facilities and government offices save millions if implemented correctly. Students in this major can pursue various roles such as cybersecurity experts, IT management, and more. 

It is one of the most in-demand majors for criminal justice degree online with exceptional growth potential. In coming years, the expected growth has averaged 7% for all careers. The salary expectation can make up to $100,000 per year for professionals in information security for law enforcement bodies, policing units, or the military police. 

3. Forensic 

Criminal justice degree with a concentration on forensics includes courses introducing students to crime scene investigation. Students learn various research techniques, investigation methods and protocols, and interaction modes at the crime scene. The major includes science and technology-related courses that help in setting a crime scene and deducing possible outcomes. 

Forensics is one of the essential parts of the criminal justice and investigative process. That is why studying a forensic major enables a student to handle processes involved on a crime scene and predicting a potential scenario that happened. 

4. Criminology 

The major teaches students an opportunity to examine the factors involved in studying criminal behavior. Criminology allows a student to learn the response of society following the criminal justice system. The subject prepares students with the ability to think critically under many stressful situations and take decisions accordingly. 

Criminologist understands the mind of a criminal and their motivation behind committing a crime. Students who choose this subject work as detectives, forensic investigators, criminal psychologists, and others. They work in collaboration with the forensic teams and other crime scene investigators. Majoring in criminology prepares students to analyze case studies and understand the theories related to criminal laws and policies. 

5. Police Sciences 

Majoring in police sciences is for students who have an interest in police work and patrolling. As a police sciences student, you will study various aspects and duties related to investigating crimes, developing communication skills, and responding to intense situations. Some students of police sciences major pursue advanced studies of border patrol or private detective works. 

6. National Security 

National security major relates to security investigations and prevention of crimes for citizens. Students study the dangers of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and other domestic violence issues. Other courses in this major include international politics and linguistic arts to handle all types of crimes. The national security students work in law enforcement agencies and other national/international intelligence agencies to address security issues. 

7. Rehabilitation Services Major 

The majors in rehabilitation services deal with certain aspects of sociology and offer career opportunities for substance abuse and addiction handling. An individual specializing in rehabilitation services provides expert therapy and counseling services in rehabilitation and correctional facilities. Additional courses include psychology and sociology that ensure that students learn the required skills to work in the field. 

Final Word On In-Demand Criminal Justice Majors

All the majors mentioned above are some of the most demanded and exciting studies in criminal justice. Some other majors include law enforcement, research work, private detective, social work, and paralegal studies. If you can handle different law and justice-related problems in society, it would be best to go for any of the above majors. The career and potential growth chances of all these majors are exceptionally high.

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