Smart DIY Tips On How To Clean Vinyl Siding

diy tips clean vinyl siding

If a drab and dull look of siding spoils the exterior beauty of your house and you want to get rid of stains, debris, and soot from its surface, it is time to find out the most common methods to keep cladding clean and fresh. So, here is how to clean vinyl siding to restore your home's beauty and shine. 

Have you spotted greenery spots and signs of algae growth or areas infected by rot or mildew on the surface of your cladding, then it is time to find out how to clean vinyl siding properly and get rid of such visual imperfections. There are a couple of strategies for bringing back your property's beauty and making the vinyl siding fresh and shiny, eliminating defects and keeping it in a good condition longer. 

When it comes to caring for and maintaining your house exterior, it is a well-known fact that unlike wooden or aluminum siding, vinyl cladding cannot be painted. Thus, you must deal with the task of washing the fa├žade to be sure that your home still has excellent curb appeal and has not lost its appeal yet. 

Let's explore those methods that can liquidate dirtiness and make the outside component of your house tidy and neat again. 

How To Clean Vinyl Siding Efficiently Without Damaging It 

Wait For The Right Weather

To avoid streaks and stains on your horizontal or vertical siding, choose a cloudy day, however, try to avoid rains. After applying solutions and rinsing the material with plenty of water, it must dry evenly, otherwise, it will still look displeasing. And since you can’t wipe it, the external factors will do the job. 

So, be aware of the fact that rain can wash away all of your efforts, and the sun can spoil the look due to the uneven effect of sun rays and the impact of ultraviolet. However, a warm, gloomy day is a perfect circumstance for satisfying and expected results, so your work won’t be in vain, and you will straightforwardly reach your cleaning goals. 

Choose The Device

When handling household tasks like this, most homeowners will prefer a quick approach, applying the pressure washer that can effortlessly remove all the grime and mud. However, a strong and rapid stream of water can be harmful to the vinyl. And even if this material has lots of benefits, it is a fragile option. 

So, lacking experience in pressure washing or failing to set up the proper level of the jet can have poor results. Here, a garden hose with a possibility of mild spraying can come in handy. First of all, you probably don’t have a pressure washer in your garage, so you need to buy or rent it. But a garden hose is cheap, and most homeowners already have this tool. A few imperative things to be aware of: 

● start the process from the top to the bottom; 
● for zones of heavier dirt, use a soft bristle brush; 
● using solutions or chemicals, be sure to rinse it thoroughly; 
● divide siding into sections and clean them one by one. 

Homemade Solutions vs. Commercial Vinyl Siding Cleaners 

The DIY cleaning solution of mixing white vinegar and water (30%/70%) will be a great mixture for killing mold and fungus on your vinyl siding. Or you can purchase a specially designed product for your home's siding that doesn’t contain abrasive elements. 

Alarming Signs Of Wear And Tear 

You cannot dispose of crevices, small holes, cracks, and scratches with simple washing. Thus, the resale value will decrease, and energy efficiency will suffer. 

In case you are experiencing deterioration of siding, consider investing in the services of experts who offer different types of home renovations and upgrades. One of such a dedicated team of specialists in the installation is UBrothersConstruction. They can deliver a customized solution and improve the way your home looks and functions.

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