Renting A Car Has Never Been That Exciting!

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If you have ever been annoyed with slow service or unimpressive car choice, rent cars RealCar offers and feel the difference! Forget about waiting in line to sign the rental documents and collect your car. Don’t worry about looking for a parking spot in the huge garage of your car rental company when returning it back. Stop thinking about the place where to leave the key. RealCar offers no-paperwork, no- hustle premium service. The car is delivered to where you need it in NY in person, and you leave it to the company’s employee where it suits you. 

Yet, the best thing about this service is its stylish fleet. You can choose from Jaguar, Porsche, Maserati, different models of Range Rover, BMW X5, or laid-back Mercedes S550 Convertible! All vehicles are in minimalistic colors; they are very sporty, with leather interiors, and in perfect condition. 

If you want to rent a Range Rover for prom, please note that with RealCar, you can’t rent for one night only. To secure a car you want, you should book the whole weekend. But you can book with friends and share the cost. All of you will arrive in style! This is a great way to make this day unique and memorable. 

The website looks like a computer game. The booking is extremely easy. You can various cars and extra services, including insurance, and adjust the total cost immediately. 

Yes, RealCar is not the kind of company that lets you cancel at any moment. But they give exceptional service. You are not the only one who wants a special car after all. Yet, it is possible to cancel free of charge within 24 hours after booking if you realized you had made a mistake when booking. 

For car delivery, any spot around the city is free of charge. If you need a car at the airport, the cost is 150 USD for delivery and the same for collection for any NY airport. Pick-up and delivery normally happen between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., but the service is flexible, and RealCar tries to meet all clients’ needs. 

Please also notice that smoking is not allowed in cars. There is a surcharge for 18-22-year-old drivers. 

The company currently operates in NYC. RealCar service in Miami and Boston is coming this year. Try it, and you’ll love it!

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