Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Real Estate Agent

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There’s no denying that becoming a real estate agent sounds like a great move. However, like everything, you should always weigh up the advantages and disadvantages before making a dramatic career change. We all have unique skills and interests, and there is no point in undergoing all that training if you aren’t going to enjoy your work. 

Below, we are going to look at the different pros and cons of becoming a real estate agent. 

Let’s get started on the realities of being a real estate agent! 


Unlimited Income Potential 

One of the best benefits of becoming a real estate agent is that you have unlimited earning potential. While it can take a while to get yourself established, the more you grow, the more sales you can make. Alongside this, since you are in charge of your own transactions, you can set what you want to earn. It’s easy to see how so many great agents have become the top in the industry. 

Room For Growth 

In some careers, it can take years and years until you can grow and finally climb up the ladder. However, with real estate, the room for this is substantial, and you can become successful relatively quickly. It does depend on how much work you choose to put in, but because you can call your own shots, your opportunities are endless. The reality is you could be selling multi-million dollar homes one day! 

Great Flexibility 

Another great advantage to this career choice is that compared to other jobs, it is incredibly flexible. If you choose to work for yourself, you get the chance to set your own schedule and can organize meetings when it bests suit you. Yes, there are still going to be days when you need to put in some long hours but being able to finish early or start late outweighs it. Alongside this, if you need to take vacation time, you’re not competing against other employees. 

Extremely Rewarding 

If you enjoy helping people, then real estate can be surprisingly rewarding in that way. You get to take pride in assisting families in finding their dream home and can enjoy their happiness along the way. This feeling can be extremely motivating and is one of the main reasons why individuals love this job so much. 


The Process To Become Licensed Is Extensive 

While no formal degree is required to become a real estate agent, you still need to undergo training. Each state has different rules, but all require you to go through school (this can take around 4-6 months) and pass the real estate examination. From here, you then need to get a license before you can start working. While it isn’t a long time compared to some careers, it’s still something you need to take into consideration. Check out this Georgia real estate license for more information. 

There Will Be Slow Periods 

If you choose to work on commission (which will be the way to make big bucks), you have to be prepared that there will be slow periods. Throughout the year, there could be weeks where you don’t sell anything at all. 

This means you have to be able to budget and secure your savings. Some new real estate agents tend to work for a firm (with hourly wage) because of this. 

You Have To Deal With Complicated Clients 

Buying and selling a house can be a stressful process for everyone, and when you work in real estate, you’re going to get some of these stressed people. You’ll need to be able to negotiate, diffuse situations, and calm down clients on a regular basis. It’s one of the more frustrating parts of the job, but at the end of the day, nothing is perfect. 

Establishing Your Reputation Can Be Difficult 

Certainly, one of the biggest cons of becoming a real estate agent is that establishing yourself and growing your reputation is difficult. Yes, you do have the possibility to make a significant income, but you also have to deal with the first few months first. In most cases, potential buyers and sellers want to go to recommended agents, and without any testimonials, it can be challenging to grow trust. 

Final Thoughts On Becoming A Real Estate Agent

When comparing both the pros and cons of becoming a real estate agent or Realtor above, you can easily see that they balance each other out. However, when deciding if it’s the right job for you, you really need to think about if you will enjoy the work involved. From organizing viewings to negotiating prices and learning about your local city. There is a lot of different aspects to take into consideration when getting into the real estate sales business.

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