Profit Time Machine: How You Could Have Turned $600 Into $1M

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Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have presented an amazing investment opportunity over the past decade, and the Profit Time Machine calculator clearly demonstrates this in monetary terms. According to a recent article comparing crypto and stock investments, the price of Bitcoin has increased during the last 10 years by a staggering 6 million percent! 

The Profit Time Machine shows that if you’d bought just $600 worth of BTC back in 2013, you would now be a millionaire! In fact, $5,000 of Bitcoin bought in 2013 would today be worth a colossal $8 million! These huge gains make Bitcoin almost 400 times more profitable than Tesla, which was one of the best performing stocks over that time period. These BTC cryptocurrency gains are even more massive in 2021 as it reaches extraordinary new record prices. Even the lowly Dogecoin has seen its price skyrocket to the moon in 2021 so far.

Even just looking at recent performance, crypto has still yielded impressive returns compared with stocks in 2020: 

● Netflix up 66%  vs  Bitcoin was up 302% 
● Amazon up 74%  vs  Ethereum was up 470% 
● Apple up 79%  vs  Chainlink was up 528% 

“So, if you had invested $1,000 in each of Apple, Amazon and Netflix at the start of 2020, it would today be worth just under $5,150. If however, you had put $1,000 into each of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Chainlink at that time instead, you would now have over $42,000! Therefore, the crypto investments would have made you more than 18 times as much profit compared with the stocks.” 

If you’re looking for which cryptocurrencies will make a great investment, analysing past performance is a good place to start, and this handy Profit Time Machine tool will do the legwork for you. All you have to do is select a crypto coin, an amount and any date in the past and it will show you what that investment would be worth now, as well as how those returns compare with stocks. 

“If you are tired of asking yourself ‘What if…’ and instead want to get involved in this rapidly growing marketplace, use the Profit Time Machine to justify and inform your decision. The figures speak for themselves, and the crypto revolution is only just beginning.” 

Share and cryptocurrency prices are approximate and subject to change.

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