The New Big Business - CBD From Switzerland

new big business cbd from switzerland

Switzerland is already known as a European Hub for CBD-related products. While in other countries like Germany, laws concerning CBD (cannabidiol) are still vague. Switzerland has already taken a step further and is reaping big benefits from the CBD business.

Swiss CBD is a fast-growing business because people can use it locally without any legal harassment if the person is over the age of 18 years. That makes it incredibly accessible and convenient for Swiss residents.

People are permitted to sell or consume cannabis products in the EU as long as the THC levels on those products is not over 1%. CBD products are usually under .3% THC so they can also be sold in other countries like the United States that potency legal requirement.

Why Is The Business Fast-Growing? 

As it stands, there are 500,000 CBD users in Switzerland. People like the fact that it alleviates fatigue, anxiety, and other forms of body illnesses. Some people even take it to reduce obesity. Because of those and many more benefits, CBD products from top Swiss companies are in high demand. 

Maybe it also has to do with the knowledge that all Swiss CBD production, harvesting, and processing is regulated by the government. This means, no counterfeit products are in the market in the European Union nation of Switzerland. 

Why Is Switzerland Allowing The Trade Of CBD And Hemp? 

The reason is quite simple. The Swiss government has recognized, that CBD has countless health benefits and that with the developed growing and selection methods, a THC content of 1% or less can be achieved. Meaning, their citizens can take advantage of the cannabidiol health benefits, without experiencing the debilitating “high” caused by THC. 

The same CBD oil business also generates billions of dollars in tax, making the Switzerland economy flourish. As a result, Swiss CBD company products becomes a source of revenue to the government just like any other business. And a new consistent source of tax revenue is beneficial to all EU nations including Switzerland. 

CBD Conclusion 

CBD suppliers in Switzerland are all licensed and authorized to supply. Meaning, these Swiss CBD products undergo regulatory scrutiny before being allowed to the market.

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