How Developers Can Help Startups And Small Business Owners

how business developers help grow smb companies

The idea of hiring a developer is something that most startup and small business owners never even consider. They tend to assume that it would be expensive to do so and that nobody would be interested in taking on their relatively small projects. Both of these assumptions are incorrect. Freelance developers or agencies tailor their prices to reflect the amount of work involved and are more than happy to work for smaller firms. They learn a lot from working on these projects and know that a percentage of their smaller clients will find success and one day turn into national firms. 

Here are a few examples of how developers can help startups and small businesses - we have listed tools and widgets they can tweak or build from scratch to help companies quickly grow. 

Streamline And Simplify The Payment Process For Customers 

Being able to take card payments from all kinds of customers is essential for every firm. Even more so for those companies that have international customers who pay them in multiple currencies and use different banking providers. All firms need access to a robust, simple, and reliable payment gateway. One that works flawlessly on any device and across all of the digital mediums a company wants to use to sell. You can check out different website software for yourself, or a developer can work on and set this up for you. 

Design, Build And Launch A Website That Sells 

Today, most people go online to research and buy what they need. Your website is your shop window and sales team rolled into one. So, it must be a good one. Initially, you can build your own website. It does not cost much. But once you are established and know what direction you want to take your business in, it is time to step things up a notch. Then, you will greatly benefit from having a fully functioning website built from scratch by a full-stack developer. It will load faster, look much better and be far more user-friendly. A proper website is an investment that is well worth it for any business. 

Automating Essential Day-To-Day Tasks 

The one thing many small business owners don’t have enough of is time. Especially when they are not yet at the stage where turnover is high enough to hire someone to handle the day-to-day mundane tasks. 

At that stage, things like accounting tasks easily swallow up several hours a week. As does finding late payers and chasing them up effectively. 

These tasks have to be done. But time spent on those is time that cannot be used for marketing and serving customers. This leads to the business stagnating, sometimes even failing instead of growing. 

Experienced developers can build simple tools that automate many of these day-to-day tasks. For example, extrapolating who is behind on payments and sending them reminders. Then, if necessary, prompting you to hire a debt collector if they still do not pay. This article will provide you with an insight into the kind of tasks a developer can automate for you. 

Doing It Yourself 

If money is so tight that you cannot afford to hire a developer, it is sometimes worth having a go at coding a few things yourself. Many millennials already know how to code. So, it makes especially good sense for them to use that knowledge to streamline some of their business processes. You can learn more about doing this by clicking here.

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