What Factors Prove A Vehicle To Be Labelled As A Lemon?

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Imagine that you have bought a new car but something goes wrong with it. Maybe the brakes, or the paint, the steering or something else and you start considering that your car is a lemon. But the problem is just because you consider your car as a lemon, the law doesn't agree with you all the time. 

Every state has its own customised "lemon laws" to handle the issue of such trouble-causing lemon cars. Also, these laws can vary from state to state. Given below is the common structure for determining whether your car can be considered as a lemon or not. This will allow you to analyze whether your car can be covered and protected under the laws of consumer protection for lemon cars, or not! 

1. Considerable Defect 

An issue in the car for which the owner of the car is not responsible and by which the safety, value or usage of the car is affected is known as a substantial or considerable defect. For instance, consider there are faulty brakes in your car that may affect the safety of your car. Hence, it may be considered as a substantial defect. 

However, the range of considerable defects varies from one place to another. Some of the minor problems are also considered substantial defects as the majority of the people in that particular area contemplate it as a considerable defect. In such cases, you must hire Lemon Law Lawyers so that they will help you analyze what is a considerable defect according to your state or city. 

2. An Adequate Number Of Car Repairing 

If your car falls under the considerable defects listed as per the state's lemon laws, the manufacturer or the dealer of the car is given an adequate number of attempts to repair the car. The number of attempts before your car is considered a lemon is generally four times. 

Nevertheless, if the safety of the car is at risk this number can be low as only one attempt for car repairing. Many states have laws that account for the number of days your car has spent in the garage for repairing the subsequent defects. And after a certain number of days, the car is labelled as lemon. 

3. Protection For Second-Hand Cars

The above data covers the laws which protect the new lemon cars. Well, some states are efficient in providing lemon laws for second-hand cars as well. The criteria which consider the used cars as lemons and cover them may vary according to the lemon laws of that state. 

Like certain states may consider mileage or whether the sale of the car is executed only once. You can understand your state's criteria of labelling the used car as lemon better if you take guidance from the best Lemon Law Lawyers of your state. 

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With our lemon law attorneys, we aid consumers to resolve the lemon law issues in San Diego and Los Angeles. We understand that nobody foresees to encounter issues with new or used cars. Unfortunately in California, this is the certainty for numerous people. But you do not need to worry as we will handle your legal case with the utmost care and sensitivity. 

As we all know, to resolve a lemon law claim is one of the most frustrating processes. But our California Lemon Law Attorneys guarantee you a smooth lemon law claim without any hassle. No matter what type of vehicle you own, we will have your back legally in every situation.

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