Content Marketing Tips To Drive More Traffic

content marketing tips increase website traffic

How do you increase traffic to your website? Many site owners are asking this question on content marketing advice. Maybe you should pay more attention to SEO-promotion or increase the budget for contextual or targeting advertising? Perhaps invest more into social media marketing? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. 

But there are dozens of ways to increase the number of visitors to any website. You might have forgotten some of them, but others will be a real boon or a pleasant discovery. 

Here is a list of 21 actionable tips on how to increase traffic to your site with content marketing. Bookmark this article so you can always use these top content marketing tips and remember them for your business website. 

Tip #1: Expand Your Semantic Core 

Don't focus only on high-frequency search queries. Most sites, especially those that are beginning to compete with the leaders in their niche, get most of their traffic from medium and low-frequency queries. Think in advance about the structure of the site and start working with texts on the principle of "one key = one article”. 

Tip #2: Choose Keywords That Are Relevant To Your Target Audience's Interests 

Focus not only on the list of the most frequently used keyword phrases. With textual content, you have to satisfy the reader's request. That is, the key phrases should be as close as possible to the needs of the reader, answering his questions and queries. Do not miswrite the keys grammatically or stylistically. This will have a negative impact on user evaluation. 

Tip #3: Keep Your Own Blog 

Publish articles that are interesting and easy to read, choose readable fonts, highlight subheadings, separate text with paragraphs, insert quotes and boxes. 

Tip #4: A Good Blog Is A Regularly Updated Blog 

Any content marketing blog recommends that interesting articles be published regularly. The optimal posting frequency is twice a week. Sometimes you have to wait longer than one or two months for results. The main thing is not to give up and do not lose momentum. Blogging requires a large investment of time and effort. Accept this fact, and your efforts are guaranteed to pay off. 

Tip #5: Keep The Time Of The Material Publication Consistent

Over time, the blog will have a regular audience. And it is terrific if you develop a habit within your readers, like read new materials regularly, for example, at 16.00 on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Tip #6: Produce Content That Is Unique In Meaning 

This is the key to the popularity of your blog. Think about how many people will want to read an article if 133 companies have published similar material before? Maybe it makes sense to spend a little more time and write an article with a more interesting title and unusual facts? Don't repeat after someone else, but write engaging material from scratch to attract a wider audience and provide true value to them. 

Tip #7: Create Graphic And Visual Content 

Detailed case studies, cheat sheets, infographics, checklists, and list articles with numbers in the title work great. Highlight the most important thoughts, add tables and interesting images. Creating creative visuals should be part of your content marketing strategies. 

Tip #8: Use Guest Posting 

Try to use several backlinks in each article. Just forget the "links for the sake of links" tactic. Your goal is to grow your audience reach. Otherwise, you won't be far away from sanctions by search engine algorithms. 

Tip #9: Evoke An Emotional Response 

Blogging about your business? Study your audience. Find out what problems people face. Believe me: they require more than just quality and on-time delivery. Describe the problems of people related to your business proposal. Write about how to get rid of one of those problems and watch your blog readers' reaction. The best content marketing companies are always based on this. 

Tip #10: Publish Ratings 

Readers respond very well to ratings. For example, if your company does appliance repair, you can do ratings like "Top 5 most common refrigerator breakdowns" and the like. 

Tip #11: Work With Experts 

A unique expert opinion in an article increases the value of the content. A full-length interview on a relevant topic often brings a record number of readers to the site. 

Tip #12: Make A Selection Of Popular Posts 

Select only the most trending content that has been well-received on native resources. Add explanatory commentary. Reposting and liking will raise the behavioral indicators of the site. 

Tip #13: Publish Responses To Interesting Posts 

Find a post or article that sparked a heated discussion in the comments. Write your point of view on the issue, and try to get the author of the post to notice your response. 

Tip #14: Research The Market And Publish The Results 

Research the market through your available channels. Publish the results in a white paper format, which is a little instruction book on how to solve a particular problem. 

Tip #15: Publish Different Content 

Instructions, lists, reviews, entertaining posts, FAQs, interviews, presentations, news, case studies, photo and video compilations, ratings, comparisons, podcasts. The more varied, the better. 

Tip #16: Research Your Competitors 

Look at the content your niche leaders publish. Make it better, more interesting than theirs. By the way, original, worthwhile ideas often come to mind during such research. 

Tip #17: Expand The Topic Of The Blog 

For example, if you're blogging about repairing appliances, then write a few articles about gadget care, the modern technology of household appliances, or share some valuable tips on using different appliances. Just don't make additional topics dominate. Stick to the main blog profile. 

Tip #18: Announce Interesting Publications 

Find authoritative sources in your niche and talk about the most interesting publications on your blog. Current news and popular social media posts are good for stimulating traffic activity. 

Tip #19: Use Google Alerts 

Sign up for queries that are relevant to your market segment. New publications with specified keyword phrases will come automatically. 

Tip #20: Start A Forum 

Forums are an effective way to lower your bounce rate and grow a community from your target audience relevant to your product or service. 

Tip #21: Follow The Rules Of Article Design 

Top content must have: 

• A powerful, eye-catching headline; 
• A lead with intrigue; 
• Quality pictures with relevant captions and boxes where you want to highlight important facts. 

Repeat For Real Results And ROI

These article marketing tips are based on the experience of creative advertisers and content specialists. Follow these 21 tips to get results for your website content and blog post articles. Look for new approaches, tools and sites for traffic growth. Experiment and the curve of the traffic graph are sure to go up. Re-read and implement the digital marketing methods listed here on your projects. The main secret to increasing traffic is to use concrete and regular blog marketing tips in this onward and upward direction. The result of increased website traffic is sure to come with these content marketing top tactics.

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