Ultimate Guide In Choosing A Safe Driver In Dubai

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You and your family and friends have taken it upon yourselves to hire a driver that can take you to the UAE’s incredible places (whether for work or for leisure, no sweat). This way, you reach one place to the next without a smudge of travel related stress. 

Now, the question is… how do you select the best safe driver in Dubai from those who aren’t worth your time? Here’s what the experts of www.comfortdrive.ae have to say about Dubai driving. 

1. Customer Reviews, References, And Ratings 

A first-timer in booking vehicles online? Or you’re a novice but are looking for a trusted agency that provides services like no other (compared to previous ones you’ve tried)? Your search should have you starting at what’s principally practical--- go through customer reviews, references, and ratings. 

In fact, that’s the norm. With most things-commerce and non-commerce completed online today, the gargantuan and vast sphere which is the internet will be your medium for choosing the safest Uber drivers. 

Ratings and reviews are the first and most practical to-dos you can set into motion without delay. They’re direct inputs from past and present customers who’ve experienced the services of the car booking platform you have in mind. And these inputs will give you an overview of the type of book agency you will be dealing with. 

2. Knowledge Of The Law For The Road 

The United Arab Emirates does not trifle with carelessness on the road. It’s among the primary reasons why drivers and passengers alike, whether local or tourist, follow driving practices that lead only to safety. 

By browsing through booking platforms, you’ll get a glimpse into what such agencies’ views are towards road safety laws. These important pieces of information are usually posted on their web pages. You can also contact their customer support to ask how they adhere to road safety rules and how their individual drivers follow through with them. 

With this, let’s head on to number 3 for Dubai driving safety. 

3. Customer Support And Communication 

Car booking companies whose customer support team and/or agents do not take customer communications seriously is a red flag. If over the phone, through messaging apps, or through their website’s chat portal, they’re unresponsive, that may already be a reflection of how they treat clients face to face, in real-time. 

Therefore, the better they handle their communications and communication channels with you, the greater the likelihood that they take customer service with utmost sincerity. 

4. Booking Guidelines 

With reference to booking guidelines--- if they’re easy, frills and intricacies-free, that’s a winner right there. The best booking platforms online have no more than 3 steps that clients undergo. Making the booking (scheduling), having your driver assigned to you, and completing the pick-up and drop-off. 

That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Simple. 

For car booking sites that require additional steps beyond the main points we’ve just mentioned... that could spell disaster when you’re travelling. In case you’re someone who wants to constantly be on top of your schedules, this is one hassle you’ll need to do without. 

5. Number Of Completed Trips 

The “number of completed trips” tells of a company’s experiences on the road (as well as that of their drivers). It’s also an indirect indicator of how the company is doing at present--- having customers and not having customers. 

You’ll be surprised at a handful of gems who’ve accomplished over then thousand trips and yet had their beginnings only a few years back. Drive safer in Dubai and enjoy the trip!

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