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business travel 101 work flight trip planning

You have always dreamed of traveling around the United States and seeing its many different landmarks and cultures. Your dreams are finally realized when your employer asks you to travel for the company. You will get to see America in all of her glory. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you have a safe, productive trip and to make your boss want to send you on many more adventures through a travel agent

Travel Light 

It is never a good idea to start any trip with a lost suitcase. You don’t want to miss an important meeting because you were standing at the Dallas airport luggage carousel frantically awaiting a suitcase that is, in reality, way to Guam. You also don’t need to spend very much time packing and unpacking. 

Take the biggest carry-on suitcase the airline will allow along with a garment bag. Carry one or two suitcases in the garment bag and everything else that you will need in the carry-on. 

Bring wrinkle-free clothes if you can. Most hotels and corporate housing apartments will have an iron and ironing board, but if they don’t, you will be out of luck. You do not want to have to take an extra 15 minutes in the morning to iron your clothes. If you stay in accommodations with laundry facilities or laundry service, you will always have clean clothes. 

What You Should Never Be Without 

Bring more business cards than you will think you need. It is always better to have too many than too few especially if you work in sales. You don't want to end up losing a big deal just because you did not prepare properly. 

You should always bring a toiletry kit with you that is stocked with soap, deodorant, nail clippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, and lotion, just in case you need to freshen up in a place where these things are not available. Always bring a lint roller and an electric razor along with you. 

According to Stafford Housing, you should bring a mobile power strip and a case of cords. if you do this you will always be ready for business wherever you are. Not only is an uncharged cell phone or laptop frustrating, but it may also mean the difference between closing a deal or losing a client’s business. 

If you are taking a long trip that involves driving and multiple overnight motel stops, you should take a box of protein bars along with you as well as a packet or two of instant coffee. Some roadside motels do not offer these conveniences. 

Choose Your Accommodations Wisely 

When you are looking for the perfect place for your employees to stay, you should not only consider the proximity of the housing to the business location but the overall value you will get for your money. 

Hotels offer plenty of amenities for cost-conscious business travelers, but they are also rather expensive and have small rooms. If you select a corporate housing apartment, you can house several different employees in one apartment. 

Communities that are dedicated to corporate housing often have full internet service, business centers, exercise rooms, and swimming pools. Your workers will have everything they need to make their life comfortable in one place. 

Traveling for work is a way for your employees to see the country in comfort and style. Following a few simple tips will make their trip seamless and profitable.

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