How To Become A Disney Travel Agent

how to become Disney travel agent

A career as a remote travel agent for Disney destinations is a lucrative position within the tourism and hospitality industries. Those who work as remote travel agents part-time also think highly of travel agency career paths because of the benefits they provide. Plus, with a quick and easy sign-up process, you can enroll and boost your career immediately. 

After you enroll, you will learn the skills required to book Disney clients. You will become familiar with what you need to do to find success as a travel agent. The training you will receive will give you the confidence you need to book complex Disney vacations. 

If you would like to work as a remote travel agent for the happiest places on earth, we have got the details you need. Here, we go over how to get started as a travel agent from home. For more information on becoming a Disney travel agent and what is included in the training of relevant agencies like Boardwalk Travel Agency, continue reading below. 

Find An Online Training Program For Booking Disney Trips As Your Own Boss

To become a travel agent, search online to find travel agencies that offer training programs through them on trips. Make sure you choose training programs from disney travel agencies. This way, when you are ready to book your Disney clients, you will understand how to book as an agent of a disney travel agency and will be familiar with how to coordinate these destination stays

Pay The Enrollment Fee To Train Through A Disney Travel Agency 

Once you find a program you love, the next step is to pay your one-time enrollment fee. Once this is done, you can begin training at your own pace. Just as would be the case with an online course, your enrollment through a disney travel agency will grant you access to the training materials and documents you need to hone your skills

Read The Welcome Packet And Start Your Training

Once you’ve accessed your materials through your chosen disney travel agency program, read the welcome packet and begin your training. You’ll be prompted to complete Expedia TAAP and VAX training while working through Disney training materials. After you complete these essential components, you can pursue additional training for cruise lines. 

Market Your Services And Book Your Disney Clients

To start booking clients, take time to market your services through the Disney travel agency connections you already have and through your social media accounts, websites, and other digital advertising resources you are using. Book clients through agent-friendly websites you’ve been introduced to during your training. 

Check In With Your Disney Clients And Get Paid

Make sure to readily check in with your clients to ensure they have got everything they need for their excursions. Expect to receive your payments after your clients return from their trips. You will receive payment through your bank account via direct deposit for booking resort stays at Disney World, Disneyland, Walt Disney Studios, or the Magic Kingdom. 

Start Training Today To Be A Disney Travel Agency Leader

Booking Disney land clients requires special training in the protocols and destination specifications that go into guests’ stays at Disney. Learn the ropes and become a Disney travel agent from the comfort of your own home. Enroll and start your training through a Disney travel agency today.

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