5 Top Remote Work Tools You Need Now

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Are you struggling to stay organized while working from home? 

More are working at home than ever before, mainly due to recent events. But even before the pandemic forced many offices to close down, workers were already demanding the flexibility of remote work. In fact, the number of people working remotely grew 44 percent over the last five years. 

Remote work is quickly catching on, but it's not always easy to stay focused. Here are five top remote work tools that will help you stay organized, boost productivity and overall enjoy working from home: 

1. Note-Taking Apps 

Taking notes during remote meetings is easier when you have online tools that keep your notes organized. 

Evernote and Microsoft Office One Note are both very widely used, but you should try out different apps before you find the one that works best for your note-taking style. Most note-taking apps will allow you to keep things organized, create to-do lists, and sort your notes, so you are never searching for something you wrote down. 

2. Focus Apps 

Working at home is full of distractions. When your office is also your kitchen or living room, it is easy to get up and start cleaning or interact with family during the day. It's also easy to start scrolling through Facebook instead of tackling your to-do list. 

Try a browser extension that will temporarily block different websites and keep you focused on what needs to get done. 

3. Security Tools 

Remote workers often connect to different wifi networks, which presents new security risks. Make sure your data is protected no matter where you're working with online security tools. 

Security tools you should add to your laptop, tablet (or any other device you work from) include VPNs, file encryption software, online backups, and two-factor authentication. 

Tools that manage your passwords securely are also a good idea to protect against hackers. 

4. Mobile Hot Spots 

If your office allows you to work from anywhere, why not step outside of your home and your home's wifi network. Investing in a mobile hot spot is a great idea to give your home office more mobility, or serve as a backup in case your internet goes out and you have an important meeting to attend. 

You should also consider this quick start app to help your teams get online, share information and stay connected from anywhere. 

5. Meditation Apps 

Remote work is challenging, and over time the lines between work and home start to become blurred. Sometimes it is hard to remember to take a screen break and relax for a moment. 

Try downloading a meditation app to remind yourself to take breaks and manage stress throughout the workday. Workers who take a moment for themselves throughout the day are more productive when they go back to work. 

Discover More Top Remote Work Tools 

Working remotely offers a lot of benefits, but it is important you set yourself up for success with the proper tool kit. Your perfect lineup of remote work technology will take some time to perfect, but there are plenty of apps out there that will help you stay organized and productive at home. 

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