How To Improve Security For A Small Business

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Your business property is a huge part of your livelihood. Not only is it the place where productivity happens but it is also home to all sorts of expensive items. For this reason, you must keep it secure and well protected. 

Need a little help doing so? Then you are in the right place. Below, we are going to provide you with a bevy of small business security tips. We are here to help you to improve employee safety and keep your valuable items protected. 

Set Up Surveillance Cameras 

If a person knows he or she is being watched, he or she typically won't do anything shady (like steal something, for instance). This is why you are advised to set up surveillance cameras throughout your business. 

Make these cameras as visible as possible and make sure that they're running at all times. Most unscrupulous individuals will give up their dastardly deed at the very sight of these cameras. The ones who try to get away with something illegal will be caught on them, after which you can get the authorities involved. 

You can find surveillance cameras online for as little as $40. That is a small price to pay to scare off potential thieves and intruders. 

Install Door Chimes 

In some cases, all it takes to scare an intruder away is a sudden, loud noise. As such, a decent way to provide security to your small business is to adorn it with a noise-making mechanism. 

There are a number of different mechanisms you could install but if you are trying to keep things cheap, you should go with door chimes. Door chimes produce a high-pitched, unmistakable noise the second they are rattled. Every time your door is opened, this noise will sound. 

So, whether you want to be alerted to who's coming into your place of business or whether you want to scare off would-be intruders, door chimes will serve you well. To find a solid set, check out this article on the best business door chimes. 

Opt For A Keyless Entry System 

You might have a process of issuing keys to your employees. After all, they might have to get into the building at a time when you can't help them. 

The issue with this is that it leaves your building vulnerable. Should one of these keys fall into the wrong hands, or should the holder of one of these keys develop scorn toward you and your business, you could become a target. 

Wondering how you can get past this problem? It is as simple as installing a keyless entry system. These systems make use of buttons in lieu of physical keys. You simply enter a passcode and entry is either allowed or denied. 

The great thing about keyless entry systems is that they enable you to take away access at a moment's notice. So, say you just fired an employee, you could simply deny his or her access by making his or her key code ineligible. 

Keyless entry systems are secure, reliable, and easy to re-program. Just call up your local locksmith and set up an installation. 

Install Lighting 

There is no better time to break into a building than when after the sun has gone down and you can shade yourself under the shroud of darkness. For this reason, if you want to repel intruders, you need to keep artificial light on your place of business at all times. 

Install lighting in the entryway, install lighting by the back door, install lighting in the parking lot and everywhere else from which an intruder might be able to make his way toward your business. 

Set Up A Security System 

If you have the dough, you should consider setting up a full-on security system. This will ensure that alarms go off when a person enters your place of business at an inappropriate time. Some systems will even send a direct call to the police, ensuring that they show up in as quick a manner as possible. 

The cheapest security systems are available for around $300. However, if you want a commercial-grade one, you will have to spend well over $1,000. 

Keep Expensive Items Out of Sight 

If you own a retail store, you're likely going to have expensive items on display everywhere. There is not much you can do to hide them away. In fact, doing so would likely hurt your business. 

But if you run, say, an office or a restaurant, there is no reason to have expensive items out in the open. Keep them stashed away in a backroom or closet and only get them out when they are absolutely needed. 

If no one knows that these items exist, no one will try to break into your property and try to steal them. You will essentially be making your place of business unattractive to thieves. 

Put Labels On Your Possessions 

Your business property is bound to be filled with all sorts of possessions, from computers to chairs to desks to staplers to calculators and more. As an individual person, it can be difficult to keep tabs on all of these items. Someone could easily walk away with them without you knowing. 

This is why you are advised to put labels on your possessions. Make sure the label displays the name of your business and make sure it is bold enough to be seen from a distance. 

People will be much less apt to steal an item that is so obviously not theirs. And if they do attempt to steal such an item, they will be much more easily found out. 

These Office Security Tips Will Make A World Of Difference 

The security of your business isn't something you want to play around with. So, put these small business security tips into action and protect both your employees and your capital.

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