What To Look For In Talent Management Software

talent management software comparison

Talent management software is a great tool that is used to acquire, manage, and retain remarkable employees who give your company a competitive advantage. The hardest part of implementing talent management software can be deciding which programs, applications, and systems to adopt. 

Follow the advice below to make your talent management software comparison skills sharper. 

Read Reviews 

One of the easiest and least time-consuming ways of beginning your talent management software comparison is to read SaaS program reviews. The reviews of similar (or even competing) programs can help you see from actual users what features are worth the investment and which ones you can afford skipping over. Moreover, since the software you purchase will be dependent on your business’s specific needs and interests, reading reviews can help you understand: 

● What kind of benefits to expect from the software. 
● If the software interface is user-friendly. 
● If there are any inherent issues or defects with the software. 
● If the software delivers the features that it advertises. 

Side-To-Side Comparison 

After you have some idea about which software or programs would best work for your business, side-to-side comparisons can help narrow down the potential candidates. 

If you have two or more software programs that seem to offer equally compelling features, comparing their features and their pros and cons can help eliminate some options. 

Doing this manually is certainly effective and can ensure a fully- thought- out decision. If you are short on time, however, you can consult sites like Capterra.com to help you compare different talent management software. Such websites can show you price and feature comparisons and can even lead you back to customer reviews. 

Watching Software Demos and Taking Advantage of Free Trials 

After selecting a few talent management software programs that you are interested in, watching the demonstration videos that many software creators provide should be your next step. Watching demos should show you what the interface looks like, how the software is integrated, and how to utilize all of the features the software offers. 

This is also a good way to discern if the features that are most important to you are prioritized. For example, if performance management is your priority over succession planning, the software’s demo will show you first- hand if it has the right attributes to fulfill your needs. 

You might even research to see what programs offer free trial periods. While you might not be able to access everything during a free trial, you will likely get a fairly accurate picture of how the program can serve you. 

Approach Talent Management Software Comparison With Your Needs In Mind 

There are many different versions of talent management software, and many companies offer a comprehensive talent management system that will check all of your boxes. Comparing these programs and systems can be hard work, but finding the right one for your business ensures that you get all of the features you need without wasting money. 

In the end, if you are still unsure about which software to choose, getting in contact with the software providers directly can provide more clarity and give insight into what kind of customer support you will receive. 


Use the tips above to make your talent management software comparisons less time consuming. Start the comparison process today to manage your business’s talent and get a competitive advantage!

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