8 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes To Minimize

common digital marketing mistakes

Running a tight ship with your digital business can be difficult, particularly if you are just starting to figure out the basics and advancing with the project. Some would say that mistakes are inevitable and that they can be an excellent teacher. 

On the other hand, doing your best from the beginning and learning about common marketing mistakes will give you an advantage. 

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with the intent to succeed, this article should come in handy. Look at some of the most common digital marketing mistakes and memorize them so that you have an easier time avoiding these mistakes in the future. 

8 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes To Minimize

Mistake #1 – Failing To Include Customer Reviews 

People will be less eager to purchase your goods or services if the website is missing customer reviews. To simplify the situation, you could implement a tool like the Opinew Shopify Reviews App that allows you to import reviews directly from platforms like Amazon. The tool is great for dropshippers, but other types of online stores can benefit from it as well. 

The important thing is to provide customer reviews. Purchasing a product blindly is not common. In fact, many people will seek recommendations from people they know and trust. And if that is not an option, customer reviews are the next best thing. 

Mistake #2 – Misusing Email List 

The email list that you collect by incentivizing website traffic to subscribe should be put to good use. You do not want to send endless offers that will make people unsubscribe from the email list or redirect your junk to the spam folder. Even a spam checker may not be enough to salvage the situation. 

No, take a different approach. Even if you send some offers, do so seldomly, like once or twice per month. 

Put the email list to better use by rewarding both new and loyal customers with perks like discount coupons or free shipping codes. Send them reminders about items in a shopping cart, or invite them to participate in a contest that you currently have on one of your social media pages. 

The possibilities are not endless, but there are a lot of neat things you can do with email marketing to boost your business. 

Mistake #3 – Having Poor Mobile Optimization 

Optimizing the website for mobile devices should be one of your priorities. Roughly half of the internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. Besides, the recent trend indicates that the number will shift in favor of mobile devices rather than computers. 

It may be too soon for it, but an application for Android and iOS is also something to consider in the future. When you feel like your brand has grown enough, hire an app developer and provide mobile device shoppers with an even more convenient option to buy from you. 

Mistake #4 – Lacking Proper Customer Support 

Do not underestimate the importance of customer support. Also, keep in mind that having someone available 24/7 is not always enough. You need to provide help on multiple fronts. Emails, social media, direct messages on the website, and phone calls should be available for customers who have questions. 

At the same time, not every customer is eager to interact with support and would rather seek answers themselves. For that, create a frequently asked questions page. Add relevant information and make it visible so that website visitors have no problems finding the FAQ page. 

Mistake #5 – Overusing Of Clickbait Headlines 

If you have a blog or take a more creative approach when coming up with product descriptions and other content, avoid clickbait headlines. Misleading customers will backfire. 

When a product is good and worth the money, express that worth through words that are not over-the-top phrases or call-to-action copies. 

There should be someone in charge of writing the content for your business. Discuss these matters with that person so that he is on the same page as you. 

Mistake #6 – Setting Unrealistic Goals 

Unrealistic goals can dampen your mood quite fast, especially when you are still at an early stage of developing the business. 

When you start, do so with small and realistic goals. Create a list of goals that you can cross off each time you accomplish them. Seeing progress will give you the motivation to move forward and pursue the dream of owning a successful online business. 

Mistake #7 – Using Outdated Tools 

Keep up with the latest marketing tools and any other tools that can help you run the business more efficiently. Sticking to something that is cheap and irrelevant will make you fall behind the competition. 

Mistake #8 – Ditching Effective Marketing Methods 

You may encounter new and attractive marketing techniques. However, there is no need to ditch methods that have been working in your favor just because something new popped up out of nowhere. 

If search engine optimization, social media, or pay-per-click marketing is bringing you customers, do not abandon these methods for new gimmicks. 

Mistakes Free Marketing 

Marketing is getting more complex, competitive, and nuanced every month so it's easy to make mistakes. Keep these tips in mind to eliminate errors in your marketing for the future. Learn from the marketing mistakes of others so you don't have to repeat them!

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