The Ultimate DIY Lotion Recipe For Frugal Beauty Lovers

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Do you want to make your own lotion at home? While there are plenty of wonderful hand and body lotions on the market, there's something fun about making a DIY lotion that you can customize for your preferences. 

Homemade lotion can fit your ideal scent, texture, and quality: all with ingredients that are easy to source for beauty on a budget. 

Not sure how to get started on do-it-yourself beauty creams? No problem bootstrapping beauticians! Keep reading for the components of any good homemade lotion recipe that you can make time and time again on a budget. 

The Basic Ingredients 

You can mix and match ingredients when it comes to making a homemade lotion, but there are a few popular essential ingredients that will vary depending on the texture that you're looking for. 

The basic idea is to combine water, oil, and an emulsifier. These are the components of most lotions. The kind of oil and emulsifier, though, are what make the lotions different. 

For oils, you have options. The most popular are shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil. Shea butter is the best for thick lotions that you can use at night as it's kind of greasy, while the others are good for lightweight daytime lotions. It also has a light scent. 

Many people use coconut oil, but it's comedogenic so it can make some people break out. It also has a strong coconut scent. If you find that coconut oil works well with your skin, you can try it, but it will also result in a greasy lotion. 

When it comes to emulsifiers, those are the ingredients that bind oil and water. Because oil and water tend to reject each other, emulsifiers are crucial. 

A common emulsifier in lotions that are sold in stores is carbomer. While this seems like an elusive chemical, you can buy it yourself at places like Umbrella Chemical. While it may not seem suited for a frugal shopper, a small amount goes a long way so the bag will last you several recipes. 


This is where you make the DIY lotion recipe your own. These are things that can be more expensive up front, but like the carbomer, they go a long way. 

One popular addition to do-it-yourself lotion is an essential oil. While essential oil isn't good for skin when you use it directly, it works great when it's diluted in an entire jar of lotion. 

A few drops of your favorite scented oil (we like lemongrass) makes for a lotion that will make you smell nice all day. 

We also love adding some shimmer to our DIY beauty lotion. Skip the craft glitter and opt for something like a shimmer powder, or if you have a cheap makeup highlighter you can grind it down into a powder and add it in. 

DIY Lotion Is Easy 

When it comes to making your own DIY lotion you just have to mix the ingredients and guess and check your work until you have a perfect consistency. Once you have the basic components, it's fun to test them out on your face and skin for beauty on a budget! 

Are you looking for more ways to save money on beauty and lifestyle? We have the articles for your frugal needs. Visit the rest of our site for money-saving tips and thrifty life hacks. And don't forget to put the lotion in the basket!

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