5 Tips To Build A Quality Sales Team

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Did you know that over 65% of salespeople will give up after just one sales email? And if they sent just one follow up, they would increase their chance of a sale by 25% on average? 

It is no secret that sales is not an easy profession to be in. Things like how to qualify and generate leads, how to upsell to current customers, and how to manage their sales funnel are just some of the difficult tasks that salespeople have to overcome. 

Having a quality sales team is great for your business, but how do you build the ultimate sales dream team? Keep reading for 5 tips that you absolutely need to know about building and managing a high-performing sales team. 

5 Tips For Building Quality Sales Teams

1. Keep Educating 

Gone are the days when picking up the telephone book and making call after call was the way to make a sale. Nowadays, we have the digital world to think of too and the online buyer persona. 

In order to create a successful sales team, you will want to make sure that they are constantly learning new skills and striving to improve. You can empower your sales team through education by allowing them to learn about digital sales, best CRM practices, and email marketing techniques. 

Give them access to new software and better sales techniques, and you won't look back. 

2. Help Set Goals And Objectives 

It is obvious that every sales team already has a goal in place, and that is to sell. However, there are goals and objectives that can be broken down into smaller achievements. 

Help your sales team realize their full potential, and how much value they add by setting these short-term goals. Think of things like sending a certain amount of prospect emails each week, or getting them to ask for referrals from their current customers. 

3. Help Them Be Efficient 

Some salespeople will tell you that the bulk of their time is spent on mundane admin tasks. This is not ideal in creating an effective, well-oiled sales machine. 

Give them the tools that they need in order to maximize the time that they have in a day. Things like automated CRM software and software to help manage their calendars can free up much of the time and allow them to focus on what's truly important, selling. 

4. Look For External Help 

There are businesses that can come in and help your sales team hone their skills and unlock the potential that is already there. 

External sales training companies are a great way to light a spark for your sales team and get them motivated. There are things to consider though when it comes to hiring a sales training company, so ensure that you are transparent about what you want to achieve. 

5. Incentives And Recognition 

Every employee appreciates recognition whether they are in sales or not, and this extends to the opportunity to earn extra income from the company that they work for. 

Incentives and recognition are a surefire way to motivate your salespeople to grow the business and make more sales. 

Create a recognition program where salespeople can be nominated for going above and beyond the call of duty, and offer incentives for those that are chosen as winners. 

Creating The Best Sales Team 

So you are on the right track to creating the ultimate sales team, but here's some parting advice. 

Salespeople should never operate in isolation from the rest of the business, so encourage them to spend time in other departments and to truly understand the workings within. Also, management should always make themselves available for concerns to be raised or ideas to be presented. 


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