The Power Of Live Streaming - A Must-Have Marketing Strategy In 2021

power live streaming marketing strategy

The Internet has long been dominating marketing, eclipsing - and rendering almost obsolete traditional forms, such as printed media and television. We thought we couldn’t go further but then we got live streaming. 

Live streaming is currently one of its most popular and far-reaching forms, appealing to multiple generations of internet-savvy consumers, and bringing a degree of immediacy and authenticity not provided by pre-recorded messages or email campaigns. 

The impact of live streaming cannot be overstated, and, yes, it could well be the dominant channel for marketing communications for years to come. The obvious takeaway for any brand is that live streaming is a marketing tool you cannot afford to ignore. 

Enormous Impact Of Live Streaming 

Each day we swallow a huge amount of information at a fast pace. We’ve become lazy readers - when reading online, we mostly scan or ignore the text. And the way consumers are interacting with brands is also changing. 

We want something meaningful. Now we prefer to get to know a brand, and in a much more personal and interactive way than 20 years ago. 

Consider this: four out of five people would rather watch a video than read an article - that’s 80%. And 80% of users prefer videos to other forms of social media posts. So it’s no surprise that video on a landing page conversion rate sits at 80% as well. 

Live streaming adds more flavor to it by driving greater consumer-brand engagement and co-creation. It allows making meaningful brand-follower connections, greater trust, and personal involvement. 

Much of this change is due to the technology almost everyone carries in their hand - the smartphone. The ubiquity of advanced and affordable mobile devices means consumers can stream video everywhere, and that gives marketers a channel to communicate 24/7. 

Interactivity And Trust 

For consumers, video streaming gives a sense of being in the here-and-now with a brand. They are more likely to respond via comments or other means when a stream is live because they know their comments will be seen. This helps build a rapport with a brand, and gives the brand a human face, encouraging engagement - the name of the game when it comes to marketing. 

As a company, you will also elicit feedback and gather information as to your customers’ (or potential customers’) wants and needs, and about your target demographic more generally. 

A behind-the-scenes style video stream also gives a brand a sense of not wanting to hide behind an edit, building trust with customers. Getting to know the characters of the staff that works for a company, as well as their processes is a major plus point. 

Many companies have also adopted live streaming successfully. Among others, online casinos from all over the world broke the trick, and now, besides others, offer live poker, baccarat, and blackjack games, with live dealers and opponents at the table. The dealer is streamed from a real casino, while players can join the table any time they please - and with sites like AsiaBet dedicated to local game coverage, it’s easy to find such a place to play in any region. Live-streamed games are what make players return. 

Live Streaming As A Career Opportunity 

To put into focus just how far-reaching live streaming can be, it’s helpful to look outside the marketing sphere at some examples of streamers and other applications of the medium. 

One of the most popular examples of streaming comes from the world of video games. With major platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming, live streaming figures are astronomical. 

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is the most followed gamer on the planet with 16.4 million followers. Such is his influence he can command lucrative promotional deals with companies such as Electronic Arts, and reportedly made $10 million in 2019 alone. 

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is second to Blevins with over 8 million followers, and like Blevins has a deal to stream exclusively on Twitch. 

Benefits Of Live Streaming For Marketers 

There are myriad reasons to get on the live streaming bandwagon. Of course, the potential reach is massive, with most of us spending at least an hour a day browsing on our smartphone or tablet. But live streaming also offers other benefits to brands. 

First of all, setting up a live stream is quick and easy - gone are the days of drivers for cameras, dodgy cables, and fiddling with settings, everything can be done from a mobile device.  Smartphone technology is primarily focused on user experience, so even a tech novice can set up a live stream

Secondly - you don’t have to pay for hosting - you can stream via many established social media platforms, to an audience you have already built up. Of course, there are more high-end ways to stream, with multiple cameras and other features, so if that is suited to your brand you may need a specialized package. 

Streaming allows you to be creative and spontaneous with your content - an approach that consumers appreciate, and should drive up your ROIs significantly. Streaming is easily incorporated into any existing marketing strategy. 

Let's Get Going And Growing With Live Streaming

Live streaming is the present and future of marketing. We’re already seeing more and more strategies forming around the medium, and with each generation more tech-savvy than the last, it looks like it’s here to stay.

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