Importance Of Professional Livestreaming In Online Marketing

importance professional livestreaming video online marketing tool

Live streaming is the fastest-growing type of video content, with it being used by brands to grow their audiences and build trust with potential customers. Video content is one thing, but live streams take it one step further by providing real-time insight into the day-to-day runnings of companies. Around 80% of people would prefer to watch a live video than read a blog from a brand, making it clear that live content is something all brands should be trying. 

If your business hasn’t tried their hand at live streaming yet, here are all the reasons to start. 


The fact that live streams are filmed ‘in the now’ makes viewers feel far more obliged to engage and interact, as they can receive feedback or answers to any queries straight away. The engagement your business receives online is one of the most important things to measure, as it shows your target audience are interested enough to actively get in touch. Brands can, therefore, use live streaming as an effective way to boost engagement and gain a greater understanding of what types of things your target market want to know. 


Studies have shown that the main reason people love live videos so much is the ‘behind the scenes’ and real aspect they provide. When streaming live, there is no room for brands to hide or edit their content, which establishes an immediate level of trust between those behind the lens and those tuning in. Live videos are completely revealing yet highly rewarding - if your business has nothing to hide, make this clear by offering a range of live footage showing the ins and outs of your company. 


Once a brand has invested in the necessary equipment or software to offer high-quality streams, the process itself is cheap to carry out. Businesses will need filming equipment, a reliable internet connection and a streaming platform to go live, but even those on small budgets can offer decent quality videos. If you want to keep your costs to a minimum, there are plenty of affordable live streaming platforms out there. 

Zidivo offers a wide range of features and pricing packages to suit any users needs, including the options to create web-pages, stream from multiple cameras or devices, and implement large scale video marketing campaigns. Their platform starts at as little as £20 per month and allows brands to track important statistics to educate their digital marketing strategies. 


As live video is such a widely used medium, it’s now highly accessible meaning you can stream for free on any main social platform. If brands want to use live streaming as part of their marketing strategies though, dedicated streaming platforms are the way to go. You can brand up the appearance of your stream players, create specific web-pages to host your streams and add your own CTA’s to direct viewers to the right place. The live video competition is now fierce, meaning your streams have to offer something different and valuable to generate the right audience. 

Brands should get creative by devising a live content calendar, with a mixture of videos like demonstrations, explainers, interviews, webinars and more - live streaming allows businesses to tackle multiple aspects of their online marketing. 

Consistent Support 

Although live streaming opens brands up to faux pas when it comes to offering a top-quality and consistent stream, there is plenty of support that comes with it too. Most live-streaming platforms like Zidivo will offer users 24/7 support so, should anything to go wrong, you can get the support and your video’s message isn’t affected. Of course, this level of support isn’t available with free streaming methods like social media, meaning brands should always use dedicated and reputable platforms if planning to use live video as a marketing tool.

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