New Technology Is Changing Online Slots Industry Rapidly

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We are living in a world where technology affects almost every part of our lives. Only 20 or 30 years ago people were living just fine without personal computers, mobile phones, cable TV was the pinnacle of entertainment and not everyone had it like now. If you just take a moment to think about it, it is remarkable how our life is different from the lives our parents had at a young age, not to mention our grandparents! 

Today, we don't even realize everything that is happening, because it is so fast. Almost every day we have something new, and technological advancement is still accelerating. 

The online gambling industry is no different. You can now play thousands of casino games from the comfort of your living room, on your personal computer, or a laptop. You can even play most of it on your mobile phone! With overwhelming majority of the gamblers playing online in 2020, the best casino websites gained even more popularity compared to the land-based casinos, which is the trend we expect to continue. 

In this article we will talk about the new technological advancement in the online gambling industry, how that affects our user experience and where will it take us in the foreseeable future. 

The Revamp Of The Classic Casino Games 

Since technological advancement is often going even faster than the average Joe can follow, casino game providers realized that modern-looking slots based on new technologies can be off-putting for some users. In the last few years, some classic slots, or slots based on classic slots, were given a new life from the old generation of gamblers. Although younger generations who were basically born with the Smartphone in their hands can't get why someone in the 21st century would crave for 3-reel fruit slot, it is still happening, and these games are popular. 

Therefore, the creators realized that there is a wide realm of possibilities for creating gateway games that will be modern-looking and essentially updated classic slots that the older generation likes so much. Starburst video slot, which can be viewed as the gateway game, is one of the most popular video slots at the moment. 

Virtual Reality Is The Next Step 

Virtual reality is definitely the next step in the online gambling industry, and we see it even now. There is a clash we mentioned with classic slots, but the pool of players becomes so large that all these slots can coexist with one another, and all stay popular. However, as we already said, all those classic slots might be gateway games towards more sophisticated slots, including virtual reality slots. 

Although 2020 was a hard year for most everyone on the planet, crisis times open a window of opportunities as well. Since land casinos struggle to make revenue, and more and more people are switching to online play, it is the right time for augmented and virtual reality to take over. Providers might recreate or simulate the space from some of the famous casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, and even elevate it to a whole different level. Imagine putting on your VR headset and walking down the lobby of some grand casino, watching other people play and even interact with them. That's the only thing that regular online casinos can't offer, compared to the land casinos. That feeling of entering the casino, feeling the adrenaline rush is something else, and the reason why many gamblers, especially old school players, are reluctant towards playing online. 

Virtual and augmented reality will solve that problem soon, so these adrenaline junkies will feel the same thrill, but this time from the comfort of their living room! 

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Online Casino Experience As We Speak 

Artificial intelligence is not something you heard of from science fiction movies anymore. It is already here, among us, probably not in a form we usually imagine when somebody says AI, but it is present and the uses for it are unthinkable. In the online gambling industry, artificial intelligence will help developers to fine-tune user experience, so the website and its functionality become almost perfect for the end-user. Also, AI might be implemented in some games which you usually play against human opponents. Of course, we all played computer games against "computer" or AI, but we usually always win after some time, because we can notice patterns in their play. However, via machine learning, AIs advance as well and pose a bigger challenge, or even beats us almost every time, because they make no errors, and as we all know, humans are prone to making errors. In the foreseeable this process will definitely accelerate, so we will get online casino games completely shaped by AIs. 

Mobile Casino Takeover 

Mobile casinos and slot games are here for a while now, but in the last couple of years, we see the irreversible trend which says that shortly almost all gamblers will play casino games via their Smartphone. What was inconceivable only a few years back will become a reality soon. 

When we think about this, it is not that surprising - mobile phones, both iOS and Android are becoming much better and you basically have a computer in your pocket now. In a busy world, where everybody is always on the move, you don't have time to sit and play from your personal computer, you want to play while on the go. The pandemic is obviously stopping us from doing that right away, but after we beat it, the people will likely crave the old way of life, so some older habits, such as playing casino games on the go, will certainly return. 

Slots Summary 

We live in exciting times for the online casino industry. If you are a casual or even professional gambler, you are heading for a wild ride in the next couple of years. New technology is changing the online gambling industry rapidly, the development is exponential, and nothing shows the signs of slowing down. And in ten years - who knows what casino technology and online slots will be like? We can't imagine it now even in our wildest dreams how online slots will be even by the end of 2024!

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