13 Tips On How To Destress After Work

how to destress after work relax

Around 55% of Americans are stressed during the work day. 

After work, we must unwind to improve our mental wellbeing and prepare ourselves for the next busy day. Perhaps you are struggling to get out of your work mindset and are looking for inspiration. 

Does this sound like you? Luckily, you have come to the right place for relaxation tips. Here is how to destress after work with 13 helpful tips to chill out. 

1. Enjoy Your Commute Home 

Your destressing after-work routine should begin with your commute. Many of us use this time poorly by replaying frustrating moments with a colleague or reliving a stressful meeting. Instead of this unnecessary stress, mentally leave work behind before you reach home. 

Whether you are driving or on the train, listen to an audiobook or a podcast on a subject you want to learn more of. You should also listen to uplifting music to help you relax and count everything you are grateful for so you are in a positive mindset. 

2. Change Out of Your Work Clothes 

One of the top destressing tips is to get out of your work clothes once you are home. This helps you make a clear transition from your professional persona to your relaxed, everyday self. So pop on comfortable clothes or even your PJs and you will destress instantly. 

3. Prep Your Meals For The Week 

Not sure how to destress? Then consider cooking your meals for the week. Meal prepping is great because you needn’t worry about making lunch every evening and it is a relaxing process. Get inspired by new recipes and whip up delicious meals to broaden your culinary horizon. 

You should also only eat healthy on weekdays. Avoid eating meals that are high in sugars, grease, or refined carbohydrates as it eventually leads to a sugar crash where your mood plummets. Instead, load up on leafy greens, lean protein, and plenty of grains to stay stress-free. 

4. Go for a Walk 

If you want to be more relaxed then go for a stroll around your neighborhood. Walking is fantastic because it boosts endorphins and gets your blood pumping after a long day sitting down. Take a new route through lush greenery and feel your mind instantly clear. 

Walking not your thing? Then go to the gym or get out your yoga mat to relieve your post-work day stress. 

5. Put Down Your Phone 

Those unsure how to relax after work should put down their phones. Throughout the day we are constantly bombarded with emails, texts, and social media notifications so it is important to take a time out. Plus, putting down your phone lets you be more present with your family and do different activities together. Unplug your laptop while you are at it to recharge your own batteries.

6. Be Creative 

After work, dive into a creative venture that you are interested in whether it is songwriting or painting. Not only does it let you focus on the present but it helps you develop new skills, a far better use of time than scrolling on your phone. Further, if you are still stressed, you can express how you feel through your art so you release any built-up emotion. 

7. Watch a Light-Hearted Movie 

Browse glass pipes online, enjoy the purchase, and put a funny movie or TV show on. Laughter is a fantastic way to relieve stress and remind you not to take life so seriously. If you can't find anything, look for funny cat videos on YouTube as it's a good place to start. 

8. Take a Bath 

Escape the stressful workday by taking a long, hot bath. Treat yourself to fragrant bath bombs, light candles, and relax. You should also put on incense or a diffuser for essential oils as many scents naturally uplift you so you feel rejuvenated. 

9. Have a Massage 

Whether it is a nifty massage machine or a foam roller, show your body a little TLC by easing out sore muscles that are often a result of work stress. This will increase blood circulation and leave you feeling soothed. You can either do it yourself or share the love with your partner. 

10. Read a Great Novel 

Reading is a fantastic form of escapism where you can leave all of your life and work stress behind. Ask friends and family for recommendations or check out sites like Goodreads for inspiration. Read before bed as it will help you drift off because your brain won’t be stimulated like it would with a phone screen. 

11. Meditate 

Are you still feeling stressed out? Then find somewhere quiet, dim the lights, and meditate. It is a fantastic way to ease tension, refocus on the moment, and let your body relax. Take 10 minutes to center your thoughts and clear away your to-do list or any obligations that are weighing you down. 

12. Play With a Pet 

Studies show that interacting with animals decrease levels of cortisol and lower your blood pressure. Plus, having a pet reduces loneliness and gives owners a sense of social support. 

So whether it is a quick cuddle or a tickle, show your pet love and you will instantly see a boost in your mood. Just try not to stress out over the bills for food, medication, grooming, pet daycare, and vet visits!

13. Choose Tea Over Coffee 

A cup of joe is excellent for jumpstarting your day at work but not so great when you are trying to destress. 

Instead, reach for a cup of tea as it will give you a dose of energy without making you feel anxious or burnt out afterwards. Green tea is a smart healthy choice which has relaxing L-theanine amino acids. You can also choose decaffeinated varieties that you can drink before bed so you don’t compromise your sleep. Drinking caffeine after noon or early afternoon is shown to cause sleep disruptions in many people.

That Is How to Destress After Work 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to destress after work

Start by unwinding on your commute, change into comfortable clothes, and ditch your phone. Find ways to destress like playing with your dog, taking a bath, and watching funny movies with your loved ones. Have fun and relax for once you workaholic! 

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