7 Finance Careers You Can Make After A Degree In Finance

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If you are among those in a phase of dilemma and contemplation after finishing their finance degree, you should take a deep breath and relax. This post will provide you with a comprehensive list of 7 career paths or jobs that you can choose after completing your finance degree. 

7 Top Financial Careers With A Finance Degree

1. Financial Manager 

Financial managers are senior-level professionals responsible for the company's overall financial health by overseeing various monetary policies. Their main job is to analyze the various financial reports and forecasts to develop the best possible solution and strategies in terms of investment and profitability quotient. Other responsibilities include managing budgets, liaising with auditors, and studying the market trends to maximize profitability. The growth and potential in this role or designation have seen an upward trend for a few years. 

The average salary of a financial manager is USD $127,990. 

2. Financial Analyst 

All financial decisions made by a huge corporation, small organization, or non-profit organization is after following the financial analysis reports and data collected by a financial analyst. He is responsible for analyzing the various investment and market trends in the business scenario and further identifying the need for a change or challenges that the company needs to be aware of. Thus, after all this research and data analysis, a financial analyst would recommend the company's best course of action. This kind of role is suitable for people who possess data analytics, statistics, and strategic thinking skills, which is the leading soul and heart of this role. 

The average salary of a financial analyst is USD $85,660. 

3. Management Consultants / Analysts 

Management consultants are specifically required to identify problems in various areas of the company and then provide a solution and eventually increase the efficiency of a particular area of the company. These consultants work outside the organization, which means they can be objective with their decision making. Moreover, this role allows you to meet and network with different people and stakeholders to get as much accurate information as possible. The best part of this job is that you get the opportunity to experience wholesome yet unpredictable days wherein you can also travel to different places and meet other people. 

The average salary of a management consultant is USD $83,610. 

4. Accountant 

An accountant's role is to guide and provide the best solution to a company or an individual regarding taxation, budgeting, profit, and loss to identify any flaw or fraud in the business transaction. And Accountancy is always a popular career path for finance graduates. Their job requires very close attention to numbers and calculations and excellent communication skills to convey the company's best solutions and business propositions. 

The average salary of an accountant is USD $75,000. 

5. External Auditor 

An external auditor is responsible for scrutinizing the financial reports and data. They can provide a clear and accurate result of how the business and its various financial verticals perform. Subsequently, they also present recommendations for improvement. Furthermore, an auditor can function in two key areas, including a financial auditor that we have already discussed and as a non-financial audit to help solve specific business problems. The demand for an external auditor is soaring high for the past few years, and it seems there is no stopping in need for this role. 

The average salary of an external auditor is USD $60,658. 

6. Personal Financial Advisor 

A personal financial advisor is responsible for assisting the clients on their investments, retirement plans and planning how to use their estates and other properties. A personal advisor works very closely with their clients. These clients are the primary source of their income, so retaining these clients and developing interpersonal skills is very important in this area of work. These personal advisors are mainly involved in networking with potential clients, and subsequently discussing personalized investment opportunities and making them aware of various risks and rewards. 

Personal financial advisors often acquire certifications to enhance their expertise and credibility. One widely recognized certification in the United States is Series 7, which allows advisors to sell securities and act as registered representatives. By taking advantage of resources like a free online SIE practice test, financial advisors can prepare themselves for the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam, which assesses their knowledge of basic securities industry concepts. Personal financial advisors can offer their clients the highest level of expertise and guidance by diligently pursuing certifications and staying updated on industry trends.

The average salary of a personal financial advisor is USD $88,890. 

7. Stockbroker 

A stockbroker or a trader either work individually for their benefit or work for a firm. Their main job is to buy and sell stocks, bonds, metals, and other valuable financial entities. These people need to keep a close eye on the international stock markets and their trends to determine the best decision to reap them or the company's most benefits. This is one job where you have the sole freedom and flexibility to perform duties on your terms. Still, it's also a very competitive environment that requires efficient and consistent performance to remain in the game. 

The average salary of a stockbroker is $95,225. 

Find A Fantastic Career In Finance

Thus, you can find a plethora of options after completing your degree from a finance background. Finance has become one of the most sought-after careers, seemingly due to its indispensable place in the business world. Finance is the backbone of a business, and so a role in finance automatically brings you to the forefront of the best jobs in the world. 

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