5 Top Communication Team Building Activities

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Are you struggling to be a part of a team that's messy and inefficient? It's time to get rid of poor teamwork with some communication team building activities. You need a team that can collaborate and cooperates to bring out the creativity of the team. 

If you're stuck on what activities you should have for team building, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn five team building activities that improve communication in your company. 

Communication and Team Building Activities 

Communication plays a huge role when you have teams in your organizations. It's the key to maintaining a team and fostering an environment where your team can grow and improve. Your team should have an open mind, and they can listen to other's views. 

Everyone should have a clear understanding of your project requirements and goals. The more communication you have in your team, the more you'll improve team development and productivity. Start with team building activities that focus on communication. Here are five communication team building activities that your team needs: 

1. Leadership Activities 

Building leadership in a team is one of the essential skills for any workplace. A team needs a leader that is confident in people management. They should also have effective execution of the company practices while achieving their goals. 

Try activities that help leaders give proper guidance, direction, and motivation. One of the common activities is "All Aboard." All the participants will build a boat using pieces of any available materials, like wood or mats. 

Every person on your team needs to stand on the boat at the same time. Other people will remove the pieces of the boat while your team needs to occupy the space. It's a great activity where you can guide others on where and how to hold their position. 

Another activity is the "Minefield," where you have to blindfold one person. Others will make an obstacle with objects you have to avoid touching or moving. The other participants have to guide the blinded person through the minefield. 

"Leaders You Admire" is one of the best activities to help define wanted leadership skills. Your team will divide into different groups and discuss the leaders they know and admire. The groups then come together and discuss their overall desirable leader characteristics. 

2. Problem-Solving Activities 

The efficiency of your team can develop if they improve their problem-solving skills. They can easily identify a problem and think of a solution that doesn't affect the workplace. One of the best activities you can try is the "Barter Puzzle." 

It's a communication puzzle team building activity where you need to negotiate. Each team has a different jigsaw puzzle that they have to solve, but some pieces are missing. Your team's pieces will be in the hands of the other teams while you also have theirs. 

To complete your jigsaw puzzle, you have to talk your way into getting your pieces. You have to make their requests or trade your pieces. It's a great activity that racks up the brain and needs communication. 

Another great activity is participating in an "Escape Room." Your team has to manage resources, think under pressure, and work as a team. Talk and work together to finish tasks and puzzles to earn your way out. 

One of the best problem-solving and communication activities is an "Office Debate." Let teams discuss critical issues so you can get an understanding of your teammates' viewpoints. It can reduce real-life situations and equip your team with further knowledge. 

3. Ice Breakers 

Ice breakers are team building communication activities adults can try. It's a useful tool that can get people to open up and talk about themselves. It can help break preconceived notions that most adults develop over the years. 

Ice breaker activities can help your team be more open-minded. A short ice breaker you can try is "Two Truths, One Lie." Each person on your team has to come up with two facts about themselves and one lie. 

Once they tell the three supposed facts, the other must find which one is the lie. It's a great ice breaker for new teams. The activity also helps remove the judgment of others and gives introverts a chance to share. 

Another great activity is "Blind Drawing," where one person has a pen and paper while another person has a picture. The one holding the image has to describe the picture to the drawer without saying what it is. This activity helps with interpretation and communication. 

4. Creative-Thinking Activities 

Interacting with your team and other people needs creativity. No one wants to talk to people who can't help or entertain them. An activity your team can try is "What's My Name?" 

It's a game that can get your team interacting and thinking of original queries to guess the correct answer. Give every person a piece of paper with a well-known celebrity on it. Stick it on their foreheads and let them walk around and ask questions. 

They can ask questions like, am I a man? or do I sing love songs? All you have to do is walk around and ask stereotypical questions to guess who you are. The first person who guesses the name written on their paper is the winner. 

5. Outdoor Team Building 

The outside is a great venue to meet with other companies and new people. Your company can use the wide space and play with people outside of your department. A great activity to start with is "Scavenger Hunt." 

Break into multiple teams and make a list of tasks for other teams to do as a group. It can include tasks like taking a selfie with a stranger or build a house with pens. Each team must try to finish the most tasks within a given time set. 

You can also create a point system depending on the difficulty of the company team building task. It's a great team bonding activity that can get people from different departments and social circles together. 

Implement These Top Company Communication Team Building Activities 

It's time to take these communication team building activities into action. These activities will improve not only communication, but also teamwork and other skillsets. Add the leadership activities to outdoor activities to your team building. 

Do you want to learn how else you can build camaraderie in your business team? Check out more of our startup team-building guides to learn all you can for your employees and coworkers today!

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