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Undoubtedly, COVID-19 that outbreaks have a huge impact on most of the business sector and the economy globally. The impact is even more huge in the Football and soccer industry where most of the important football matches are all canceled and postponed. All the related industries with sports such as live-stream industry, stadium, football clubs, teams and leagues, sponsorships, athletes, international bookmakers, sports retails and etc. are greatly affected. 

In order to control the outbreaks of Covid-19, most of the football matches that resume still don’t allow fans to watch the match in the stadium. Football fans have to find their alternative ways. Some of the great examples are to watch football live matches and football live scores on live football streaming websites such as 55goal provides over thousands of football and soccer events all over the world. Not only football livescores, 55goal also provides users the instant replay of goal highlights to make sure fans do not miss any of the exciting parts. 

Differentiating Feature: Instant Replay Of Goal Highlights 

Some other popular football live score websites similar to are, and etc. They majorly provide the same services such as real-time live scores, results, tables, fixtures and news across different sports. The only difference between them and is that 55goal is fully focused on football and soccer matches which you would find to be more suitable and straightforward if you are fans to football only. The site makes it easier for the users to choose and locate the matches that they are looking for by providing matches categories based on country. 

With the pandemic that is hard to control in each country, in-stadium live experience is forecasted not likely to happen in a short time. Fans returning to the football stadium to watch any of the upcoming 20/21 season is still uncertain even though some football matches are back to games. This affected the media broadcasting the games, match day revenue that sold ticketing and the hospitality around the stadium, while sponsorships and partnerships also moved into a new trend. It stimulates the trends in sponsorships for football, soccer, and any kind of sports team. 

Now, we can see that this pandemic has also accelerated the evolving process of traditional sponsorships. What the sponsors want now is true partnerships! The advertisers are looking into partnerships that are aligned with their brand and purpose, while at the same time, digital marketing platforms are said to have increased value. Sponsorship is no longer limited to sponsors of sports attire or sports equipment. Most of the brands are using famous football star players as their brand ambassadors over the internet. We can see this from many products such as David Beckham is the brand ambassador for H&M, Pepsi co, Tudor watches and many more. Leo Messi, that has a lifelong deal with Adidas. Some sportsbooks or casinos are even using football stars as their brand ambassadors to increase the confidence of players. 


Recovering from this COVID-19 Pandemic effect will be a long and tough journey for football and other sports industries. However, at the same time, new opportunities are also arising for soccer clubs and athletes where revenue streams are broadened with the trend of digitalization.

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