Football Financials: Why The Sport Of Soccer Is Big Business

Soccer, known as football in most countries, is the most popular sport on the planet by far. It has the most players and fans in the world, and that equates to big business. The soccer industry overall is worth tens of billions of dollars globally, which makes it a very interesting investment opportunity. There are multiple individual football clubs alone that are coming up on a $1 billion valuation according to Forbes, but the money doesn't stop with the big teams. 

Here is how soccer has become such a booming industry:

TV Rights, Digital Media Properties & Websites Like Head2Head Soccer Statistics

One of the obvious sources of soccer industry valuation is television rights and digital media properties. TV networks, streaming services, cable companies, and websites pay big money. Just think about how much money there is for the media rights to the World Cup, Olympic Soccer, and European football club matches. There are also countless web pages for everything related to soccer. There are news outlets, fan pages, score sites, betting apps, and countless other websites or applications covering the industry. A top website like Head2Head Soccer Statistics provides valuable stats on the best soccer teams and players for fans, gamblers, reporters, and content producers around the world.

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Soccer Event Sales

Another major source of revenue in the soccer industry is the proceeds generated from the actual soccer matches. Soccer teams and football clubs charge top dollar for access to practices, games, tryouts, and ceremonies. Games and matches are sold out for weeks, months, or years in advance sometimes depending on the matchup. There are also countless camps, media events, and other occasions where additional money to be made.

Merchandise Makes Money

You can't have the biggest sport in the world without making major money merchandising everything possible. The soccer industry pulls in billions of dollars selling items like video games, action figures, jerseys, hats, shirts, shorts, shoes, flags, banners, socks, posters, soccer balls, soccer gear, and much more. Exclusive deals are signed every year with multi-billion dollar companies like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour.

Gambling & Gaming

That is right, soccer is also a big part of the sports betting industry. You can bet on soccer matches in Vegas, other casinos, fantasy leagues, websites, and apps around the world. Betting on the World Cup and plenty of other UK, US, or EU games alone total billions of dollars every year.

Youth and College / University Leagues

Not only is professional soccer big business, but youth soccer is also a multi-million dollar industry in dozens of countries. Because of its global popularity and low cost to play (compared to other sports like American football, hockey, swimming, skiing, etc), there are tens of millions of kids playing soccer each year. Money is made by schools, colleges, universities, coaches, athletic trainers, personal trainers, referees, strength and conditioning specialists, and physical therapists that all specialize in soccer performance for youths, teens, and young adults.

Invest In $occer

The soccer industry is the most valuable in all of sports. With such a large and diverse revenue stream, it's certainly worthwhile to explore further football financials and consider investing in it yourself.

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