6 Website Designs to Inspire Your New Site

website designs inspire new site

When was the last time you revamped your website? If you look at your website and aren't wowed, it's time for an update. If you don't feel excited about your current design, your visitors probably feel the same way. 

But what are the current website design trends? Finding inspiration is easier than you think. Breathe new life into your online style and refresh your brand's look with these 6 website designs. 

6 Website Designs to Re-energize Your Look 

These websites were hand-selected because of their uniqueness.  You can take inspiration from each website as a whole or borrow your favorite elements to create an individual mixture. The results can mimic a professional website design company's work. 

1. The Everywhereist 

The Everywhereist is a prime example of pairing the design of a website with the personality of the blogger. Geraldine DeRuiter takes a warm and charming approach to her site that makes you feel comfortable. It's like you're invited into her home to sit by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa and have a casual chat about what she's been up to. 

The design is minimalist, white with pops of color, with a delightful font. It's easy to navigate and utilized responsive design to look great on a desktop as well as mobile devices. 

2. Mr. Joe Payton 

This website is a true personal portfolio site, featuring the professional work of a web developer juxtaposed with his personal art pieces. The subtle animations on the landing page show off the designer's playful personality. The design itself has a modern touch, with a darker color scheme that's easy on the eyes and large icons for quick navigation. 

3. Tej Chauhan 

Tej Chauhan has some of the best website design out there, using a futuristic approach, aiming to dazzle the senses. The landing page is set up with a constant, full-screen scroll of minimalistic, high definition images that make the user want to explore the website. The slideshow is purpose-driven, to excite and inspire with design, and is a dream for web design specialists. 

4. FPP 

FPP is an interactive shopping website with an incredible forward-thinking design. You can walk down a virtual store aisle by scrolling the mouse wheel like you're inside a video game. This website is so ambitious, that it won the CSS Design Award for UX design, UI design, and Innovation. 

5. Nest Wifi 

This website features a brilliant layout that morphs and changes as you scroll down the page. The color scheme is crisp and clean and the extraordinary introduction of each new piece of information keeps you engaged. The headers remain at the top of the page to keep you grounded in case you find yourself falling into the exceptional rabbit hole of information on the scroll. 

6. Josh Rubietta 

This page is an enchanting assortment of blogs, music, and portfolio from a multifaceted artist. The design is simple with a soft, pastel color scheme, interesting font, and professional, high-resolution photography. The site is easy to navigate with each section clear and concise on the top of the page as well as internal links throughout the body. 

Feeling Inspired For Your Web Design? 

Remember, website designs have no limits. You don't have to follow the rules and creativity is encouraged! Your website can be as reserved or extraordinary as you want it to be. 

For further inspiration and tips on how to design a website, check out the rest of our blog! Check out the Web Dev section of the Bootstrap Business Blog to learn more about website designs done right.

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