5 Tips For Guest Blogging That Works

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When was the last time you resorted to guest blogging? What results did you get regarding new subscribers, an increase in traffic and external links, brand and social network mentions? If the outcome turned out to be not as successful as you expected it to be, check out the following tips to reach your goals in guest blogging. 

Start Small 

It’s okay if a blog author can have his or her requirements for placing a gust post. For example, there is an unspoken rule that the authors of the guest post and the project where it will be published should have more or less the same number of subscribers. 

If you have just started a blog, published 2-3 articles, and immediately rushed to place guest posts on websites with more than 1000 or 2000 subscribers, then you will most likely meet a rejection. It’s better to start working with the same novices as you, gradually conquering new goals. 

The rule, of course, is doubtful; everyone decides whether to adhere to it or not. The problem here is probably not with the small number of subscribers, but with a blog owner being cautious, avoiding to link to a random site. Judging from several posts, it’s difficult to determine the reliability of the blogger. Besides, a novice in guest blogging can’t be sure either. That is why you need to check out a potential site for your guest post with several tools. 

After all, the purpose of such publications may be to get backlinks from large projects, increase indicators, and the desire to make money by selling links. Therefore, you need to understand each situation separately. The main thing, in any case, is quality. That is, if the content is good, then there is room for an exception. 

Writing Hints 

It’s a no-brainer that you have to be a good writer and make a guest post as polished as possible. To create worthy content, adhere to these writing hints: 

The Thematic Area Of A Blog 

The fact that the text of a guest post should correspond to the topic of the blog is indisputable. You can agree on the potential headline of the future post directly with the blog author before writing; 

Style Of Writing 

Each blogger has distinguishing writing skills. Don't be afraid to use your style in a guest post. Nevertheless, you must mind certain norms and rules established on the project. You should not write a too personal and intimate post on a business-related site; 

Blog Style Settings 

It’s best to stick to the style of a blog where you intend to post. Pay attention to paragraphs’ size, whether headings are used, text emphasis, and so on. 

Don’t get upset if your post will require some editing. It depends on the author of the project. You need to be prepared for the fact that your post may be modified. Firstly, this can be done to increase the effectiveness of the article. And it can only contribute to your outcome. 

Once you learn these simple rules, you are welcome to try yourself in the guest blogging. Adsy is the platform for you to express yourself as a blogger and write us a page-sized article. 

Lead The Readers To Your Product, Not To The Homepage 

Every time you create a guest post, you are given a small bio space with a link leading the reader back to your blog. One crucial mistake that most newbies make is that they don't think beforehand about proper navigation. Clicking on such a link will likely get you to the home page or some nicely done, but relatively random posts usually cluttered with a lot of chatter or comments. 

That is why what you have to do is to guide people to a certain result. Let's say your goal is to get as many subscribers as possible. To achieve this, the appropriate links can help you. So, create a dedicated giveaway according to your field of activity. It can be an e-book about a specific topic in your niche. Then, come up with a special page or preview for this book. The next step is to indicate that the book is given away for free as a motive for subscribers to join your blog. 

Mention The Biggest Bloggers In Your Area 

Briefly, one of the quickest ways to boost a new blog is to mention other authoritative sites in your guest posts. This easy-to-follow strategy has many benefits. First, it connects you with the experts. Secondly, if you send an email or message before publishing a guest post, you can use their contact lists. 

Most of the time, they will post your article post and thus link themselves to your content. Moreover, you connect with other bloggers. When you send a guest post to them, they will have an idea of who you are and will be interested in checking out what you sent them. Such professional communication is highly advantageous if you want to write posts for popular blogs. 

Make It A Part Of An Anchor Text 

Every guest post must be a part of a text anchor strategy. Anchor text is the text you use to insert a link organically into a post. Your choice of an anchor is of extreme importance for your search engine rankings. We all know that relevant backlinks help us rank better on Google, but the anchor text of those links also plays a significant role in what exact keywords we rank for. 

When you are writing a guest post, you should already have done keyword research and know exactly what phrases you need to rank for, how much traffic they bring in, and how competitive they are. Remember that your goal is to hit Google for the next ten years with this guest post. 

Once this post is published, you can link to it using the anchor text you need. Remember that SEO copywriting has to work out for real people in the first place, and then, respectively, for search engines. So, refer to your resource only if it’s relevant and useful for your readers’ needs. 

Writing guest posts isn't just about promotion. This is your long-term contribution to future results. You represent yourself to be a specialist in your topic. So, the main advantage of such posts is that once you spend time on high-quality writing, you get good results all the time. 

The main thing to remember is that it doesn't matter where you publish the post. It can be your blog or another. In any case, it should be well-written, engaging, and valuable for those who will read it. Only in this case can you attain success at guest blogging.

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