Reasons To Buy A Burial Insurance Policy At 60 Years Of Age

reasons buy burial insurance policy final expense funeral coverage

At the age of 60, the concept of time changes, and you might start perceiving it as if it's ticking faster. Sooner or later, you will find yourself at such a crossroads, wondering how to keep your family afloat, with your funeral expenses to bear after you are gone. 

According to Gary P. Cubeta of Insurance For Final Expenses, Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance can ensure a peaceful final sendoff without leaving your family in distress. Though it is one of the critical aspects that will compel you to get the best burial insurance at 60, here are a few top reasons why you should buy one now: 

Burial Insurance Is Still Affordable At 60 

The age eligibility to buy top burial insurance is between 45 to 80, but the coverage plans become less affordable after 60. 

A $10,000 Living Promise with no waiting period plan at the age of 60 will cost you about $43. And if you delay further, say till 70, you would pay almost double for the same package. 

You can consult a licensed agent for different coverage plans and compare them for various ages. 

There Are More Chances To Qualify At 60 

When you apply for burial insurance, you don't need to take a medical test, but you will have to answer a questionnaire to check your eligibility. 

Coverages like Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance include questions on your prescription history, health and information found in the MIB file. 

As questions are related to your health condition, there are more chances for you to qualify at the age of 60, as compared to a higher age limit. And as you grow older, you might answer in the affirmative any of these questions, leading to your disqualification. 

Right Age To Choose Your Beneficiary 

Burial insurance allows you to choose a beneficiary who can receive the death benefits as a lump sum, tax-free amount with no restrictions on how they wish to use this fund. 

By the time you approach 60, you will attain the wisdom to choose a trustworthy person who can carry out all your ideas to completion. Above 60, you might not be in the right state of mind to take a wise financial decision and may require help to make one. 

Right Age To Plan Your Funeral Expenses 

The US's average retirement age comes in at about age 65. It makes 60 the ideal age for planning your funeral costs, considering other expenses you have to deal with post your retirement. 

You can engage a licensed agent who can help you choose a burial insurance plan for your burial bills as an additional benefit over your existing life insurance. With burial insurance you are able to finalize your end of life wishes while ensuring that the financial burden doesn’t fall on your loved ones. Places like make it so easy that this can all be done from the comfort of your own home, without ever having to step into a funeral home.

Right Age To Plan Savings For Your Loved Ones 

By 60, you would have paid a fair amount towards your life insurance, making it the right age to avail of burial insurance to cover your final expenses. 

With adequate money set aside for your funeral, your family will have claims they can make from your life insurance. 

At 60, your thoughts will be all about your old age years, your properties, and what happens to your loved ones when you pass away. To save your family from overburdening final expenses, you should consult an experienced burial insurance agent. By availing of the best policy, you can represent your real personality, even after you are long gone.

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