Publishing a Book on a Budget: Self-Publishing Tips to Know

publishing book on a budget self-publishing ebook guide

Are you looking to publish your first book or eBook? 

Self-publishing a book is now easier with our modern technology. With the right tools and resources, one can publish their creative work without a company. It's the preferred option by new writers because it offers complete creative control. 

However, self-publishing means that you need to do everything alone. Self-published authors get less support and limited access to the right tools. Still, if you're writing a book, this shouldn't stop you. 

Want to know how to self-publish a book? In this article, we cover some tips on how to publish a book by yourself. Read on to discover more about self-publishing novels, textbooks and e-books! 

Have Realistic Expectations 

When self-publishing a book for the first time, set realistic expectations. Likely, you won't get it right the first time. It may take some time to find the funds or the right platforms to use. 

Many traditional publishers litter self-publishing platforms. Don't expect your book to sell millions of copies or start trending overnight. Set realistic expectations, then give yourself achievable goals. 

Try not to let this affect your work. It's crucial to remember that it takes dedication and time to become successful. Keep your expectations low and learn ways to keep improving. 

Know the Costs 

Self-publishing a book may require cash out of your pocket. The author has full control over the process of publishing a book. Depending on your process, the costs of publishing your book may vary. 

You may need to pay for professional services before you can get your book on the market. This includes editing, designing, and illustrating the cover. You may even need to pay for marketing services to build hype around your book. 

Formatting and editing the content of your book may cost between $50 to $1,500. For the cover design, you will need to consult a professional illustrator. If you're looking to build a career around your work, you need to be willing to invest in professional services. 

Focus on Writing Your Book 

Before you think about the marketing and editing process, you need to finish your book. Putting your book first will allow you to tune out distractions. The self-publishing process consists of a lot of moving parts and can take up most of your time. 

You may end up selling a different book than what you market if you do these at the same time. The self-publishing process can add stress and cause you to lose motivation to write. When it comes to self-publishing, you need to learn how to balance your time. 

Know which things to prioritize, and set everything else aside. If you feel lost, focus on one step before taking another. You can worry about other processes later when you're more confident in your product. 

Learn How to Market Yourself 

Marketing a self-published book can cost anywhere between $0 to $500. If you're looking to cut costs, you need to learn how to market yourself. This may require learning basic marketing strategies, like generating metadata. 

Ensuring your book has good metadata will allow browsers to find your book. You can also leverage social media, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These are great platforms to promote your book. 

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful strategies in the digital world. It's easy to find an audience that you think may like your book. It's also an easy way to get feedback and advice regarding your novel. 

Having a blog or website can help potential readers find you and keep track of updates. Regular updates and good SEO practice will boost your website up the ranks. You can even use this as a platform to build excitement by hosting giveaways. 

Choose a Good Retailer 

The self-publishing movements paved the way for authors to find an audience. Retailers give you a direct way to host and sell your novel. Platforms like Amazon, Kobo, and Apple are the most popular retailers for self-published writers. 

Amazon's KDP is the strongest retailer when it comes to self-published books. It dominates the eBook market, making it the best place to host and sell a book. Depending on their choice, authors can choose to get 35% or 70% of royalty rates based on title pricing and Kindle Unlimited inclusion options. 

Apple iBooks is gaining popularity as an eBook retailer at a steady pace. If you often use Apple products, this may be the best platform for you. Apple iBooks offers its authors 70% royalty rates for strong financial earnings opportunities. 

If you're aiming for a global audience, consider Kobo. Kobo allows you to market your book in over 190 countries. 

Look for Editors and Beta-Readers 

After writing your first draft, a beta-reader can help in fleshing out your ideas. Getting feedback from a trusted character allows you to write a more well-rounded book. If you don't want to spend on beta-readers, look for a few close friends. 

Choose people who can give you objective comments and constructive criticism. However, if you're looking for an editor, it's best to look for a professional service. 

Professional editors can keep track of your flow and consistency. No matter which path you take in publishing a book, you need an editor. 

Try Print Advertising 

Digital advertising is indeed growing more popular than traditional ads. However, this doesn't mean that traditional ads aren't effective. Newspaper and booklet printing can give you the boost you need in marketing your book. 

Newspapers featuring new authors often write a press release during the launch of a book. This consists of a one-page article. It will include details about you and your book. 

This allows you to write a great hook to convince readers to pick up your book. You can even send out invitations or flyers to advertise an autograph event during your publication launch. 

Try Self-Publishing Books Today 

Are you looking to become a self-published author? These self-publishing tips will give you everything you need to know while writing your book. Self-publishing can be a long and stressful process, but these tips can help you get a headstart. 

Are you looking for more ways to market your new book? Check out our other blog posts for tips on becoming a successful author! We've written many helpful authors on writing, publishing, and ebook production for aspiring writers around the world!

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