4 Holiday Advertising Ideas To Boost Business

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Do you own a small business? The holidays are the perfect time for advertising your products. 

With many people still out of work, you need a compassionate and targeted approach to your advertising. Between politics and the pandemic, listening to your audience is more important than ever. 

The holidays are here, and you've no time to waste. In addition to your regular advertising, boost your business with these four easy holiday advertising ideas. 

1. Run a Holiday Giveaway on Social Media 

Everyone loves a freebie! If you've got a great product, sometimes it pays to give it away. 

That sounds counterintuitive, but your greatest asset is customer leads. A good lead can turn into a great customer. 

How to capture leads and advertise your business during the holidays? By running a giveaway. 

Set up a landing page for your giveaway where customers sign up using their email address. Advertise your giveaway on different social media platforms. 

Almost any product looks great on Pinterest. Pinterest is more than a craft site, it's a site where businesses show off products. 

Run your giveaway for about a week, and advertise it on social media every day. At the end of the week, download all the email addresses into a numbered spreadsheet. Use a random number generator to pick a number and you have a winner! 

Email your happy winner and announce the winner's name on social media. Now you've got new followers interested in your product, which leads us to the next point... 

2. Market to Your Email List 

Your email list of customers is one of your greatest assets. You can use personalized emails to drive traffic to your blog where you'll put content that's valuable for your customers. 

Design beautiful holiday-themed emails that link back to your blog and product pages. Does your company sell a hot chocolate mix? Send an email with your favorite hot chocolate recipe! 

Adjust your emails to your product and promotion. 

3. Holiday-Themed Webinar Workshop 

Here's a fun one! Send out an email inviting everyone to a holiday-themed webinar workshop. 

Due to the pandemic, more people than ever are using Zoom and other video-conferencing software. Treat your list to a fun event and do a prize giveaway at the end. 

4. Create Holiday-Themed Useful Content 

People love taking a break now and then and the holidays offer a great time for a change from the usual. Do you have a blog? Do some posts that help people through the holidays such as: 

• Holiday gift buying guide 
• Holiday cleaning tips 
• Holiday crafts with kids 
• Recipe ideas 

It's great if you can use your product in the posts but it's not necessary. Connecting with your target audience is what's important here. 

Holiday Advertising Is Easy 

Holiday advertising isn't hard and it can even be fun! Start with a week-long holiday giveaway and capture lots of email leads. 

Use your email leads and send out holiday-themed emails to your list. Always include a call to action and link back to your blog and product pages on your website. 

Offer a holiday-themed webinar and create holiday-themed useful content for your website. Be thoughtful about the challenges your customers face right now when creating your holiday advertising campaigns. 

You've got this! Looking for more business advice during the Christmas shopping and holiday season? Keep reading the blog!

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