Holiday Marketing: Make The Upcoming Holiday Season The Best For Your Business

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The upcoming holiday season means that there are plenty of sales to be made. You can make these sales using the holiday marketing tips below to weave magic around your business books. 

The holiday season brings fierce competition as well as plenty of opportunities to convert leads into customers. On average, Americans expect to spend 57 percent more on holiday shopping than they did last year. To help you make this the most successful holiday season yet, here are a few tips. 

Create Discounts 

The modern consumers are savvy shoppers, and they know that your business is competing with others for them. For this reason, they are always on the lookout for sales and discounts whenever they are shopping. 

Now is the best time to start strategizing on ways you can take advantage of this hunter instinct. Consider offering a valuable, single discount that draws in bargain hunters. Alternatively, create a series of mini-promotions that run weekly and reward shoppers for shopping. 

Use Social Media To Connect With Prospects 

Through your current online channels, it becomes easier for you to connect to the target audience. You can do this through emails that are delivered to your prospects’ tablets and mobile devices. However, timing is critical, so send out emails before, during and just before winding your sale event; the thought of missing a good deal will propel some last-minute sales. 

Create content that your Facebook audience will see, and remember to leverage the power of Facebook Ads and sponsored posts that target your ideal buyer persona. Twitter is still a great go-to powerhouse for specific demographics, and this means targeting the audience through the smart use of hashtags. Other social networks you should consider include Instagram and Pinterest, and you can use them to showcase your products or services, and how using them makes the lives of customers even more comfortable. 

Build Hype 

According to Thunderhawk SEO company, contests and giveaways are cost-effective techniques of engaging with followers, getting new followers, and building hype for upcoming events. Promotional games and giveaways can get the audience excited about the holidays and your business. Depending on the size of your budget and marketing team, hype building includes anything from a straightforward hashtag contest to a complex puzzle game with multiple stages. 

Come up with creative, fun ways to making the giveaway event or contest about the holidays, but keep the material relevant to your brand. A few possibilities include running a photo caption contest on your business’ Facebook page or asking followers to submit Christmas recipes, and they choose their favorite. 

Easy-To-Share Campaigns 

It is hard to forecast whether your campaign will go viral, but you can maximize the chances of it happening. A critical component of a viral campaign is making it dead simple to share. Since 74 percent of your consumers trust word of mouth, it means that if a prospect sees your product campaign shared by a friend, they are more likely to act upon it. 

One way of making your content shareable is by adding highly social and email buttons that allow sharing with a single click. Shareable and branded content means you can exponentially increase your business’ reach. 


The holiday season for businesses is one of the best times to invest in creating an emotional bond with your target customers. Already, the feelings of sharing with family and giving gratitude are at the top of the minds of your target customers, and the campaigns you create can ride on the emotions. At the same time, remember to segment your prospects to offer them a truly personalized experience that addresses their pain points.

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