Things To Consider Before Buying A VR Ready Laptop

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In recent times, virtual reality games have gained massive popularity. All the major game developers are working on titles based on the use of advanced technology. The technology has been steadily growing and progressing towards becoming a mainstay of the gaming industry. Many experts of the industry have touted it to become the next big thing in the gaming world. 

The technology is highly advanced, and a lot of its development is still ongoing, that is why only the latest and greatest machines can handle it. The headsets that enable gamers to use virtual reality can function only when they are paired with proper PC computers. The pairing of pcs with virtual reality headsets can greatly limit the technology’s mobility, which can be a turn-off for most people. Luckily, some laptops can support the use of virtual reality headsets. 

The laptops that can support virtual reality all come equipped with the most advanced components. Virtual reality technology is very heavy to process and operate, that is why any mid-range and even some high-end laptops cannot support it. People should know about a few important things before they go out to purchase a laptop for VR headset operating purposes. 

Graphic Cards Are Essential 

The best virtual reality headsets require a few key commonest in their paired laptops to run smoothly. The most important thing without which the headset cannot be operated is a graphics card. When people start searching for the best laptop for oculus rift, they should only focus on the options that have the best graphic cards. 

Though some mid-tier graphic cards can support the use of virtual reality headsets, the results that they produce are not up to the mark and the experience leaves people feeling unsatisfied. The headsets come equipped with programs that can analyze whether the paired graphic card is up to the bar or not. 

Other Key Components For VR Compatibility

The processor and the ram requirement for operating a virtual reality headset is something that can be found on every other modern laptop. Anything above or around Intel core i5 4th generation, i7, i9 or Ryzen 5 1500X can easily bear the load exerted by the headsets. The required RAM for operating the headset is also easily accessible. Some headsets label 4 gigabytes as the necessary RAM, while others say 8 gigabytes is sufficient. 

People should also focus on the storage and battery life of the laptops as well because the headsets eat up the battery at a great pace. Experts advise to purchase laptops that have significant storage spaces and if options are available, to go with the highest available memory option. 

The screen size, while not so significant in the virtual reality headset running process, its quality is still important in times when the user is not operating the headset. So, people should make sure to get the laptop of screen resolution and size that fits them. 

Few Great Options For VR Laptops

People that are looking for an excellent virtual reality headset supporting laptops can go for Razer’s Blade 15. The laptop comes equipped with a high-end GeForce RTX card that can easily handle all the heavy tasks. The keyboard and the screen of the laptop are both built elegantly that can satisfy all the gamers. The battery life of the laptop is also hefty, so people can feel secure when a power outlet is not nearby. Another great option for people is to go with Acer’s Helios 300, which is a quality budget-friendly laptop. Even though it is a budget option, the performance that the laptop exhibits are on-par with all the highly reputed laptops out there. At its price range, the performance that the system showcases are unmatched. MSI’s GS65 is also a top contender for the best laptop for oculus rift, with the great features it comes bearing.

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